05 ford freestar /monterrey fix to all elictrical problems.

hey guys and happy Father's Day this is

my 2005 Ford Freestar it has a Monterey

cousin and these guys are known for

little boys who like to honk horns while

they're in a vehicle hold on a second I

don't need yet not yet hold on a second

hold on a second I'll get you in a

minute all right guys what I deal with

was everything from timing issues to

spark issues to intake issues to

transmission issues to fuel pump issues

the fuel pump is what led me to the

culprit of all these problems I've seen

videos all about the PCM so I've sealed

everything in with silicon about $5 a

fix and power and silicon electricity

and silicon is always taking me to

actually fix this vehicle plus my time

and tediousness they make brushes and

what you guys need to do is pull off all

of the pins on all of your electrical

connections everywhere on this thing and

clean them I hate greening on all of my

grounds which is meaning that you got a

background somewhere down at the bottom

of the block where it grounds here and

here wasn't going to be the issue in my

ground here my whole problem came in

here this is my recycled tix moving rag

if you don't have a rag in your vehicle

under the hood I don't know what to say

about and these are my recycle bags

because I believe in being green and

this is my problem yelling after hours

and hours and hours of looking at

everything I took off my fuel pump relay

there was greening on one of the

terminals which meant it had a ground

and there was a slight bit of moisture

on the tip of it when I took this apart

pulled it forward there was water that

came pouring out of this and I end up

separating the entire thing putting it

all back together

and that working I had to dry it out I

used the hair dryer on it for a few

hours I let it set overnight in a dry

dark place and then I am reinstalled it

hooked all my wires back up make sure

everything was connected right and the

thing crunked like a dream um water

comes in through this column four didn't

design this very well the water tracks

here or they run into this fuse panel

and this youth panel gets moisture in it

it collects down there in the tray

splashes up because it just evaporates

especially does it well in a and hotter

climates and definitely see a lot more

issues with these ghost wiring issues

down there and are more humid climates

so if you're living a humid climate and

you have one of these four words or

Monterey's and you can't figure out

issues like this go to your fuse panel

over here separate it dry it go ahead

and do the silicon fix where your towels

and anything else that's become an issue

after you do this go ahead and get them

tidied up get it tightened up the

vehicles a good vehicle it's a great

running vehicle

yes sir please you mind cranking the

engine for me son and you know just be a

little proactive and keep your vehicles

running Gus

crank the vehicle

right there

recycle bags

and fixed it

take care everybody happy Father's Day