How to Unlock a Ford Focus with a Wire. Enter through right upper rear of door.

alright I locked my keys in my car as

you can see I'm back in it

luckily there was a hardware store not

too far from here

and they gave me a wire so I showed it

I'll show it later so I'm going to start

out well I'm going to start off by

showing the cop unlocking my door back

when I was in high room and they said

the dog alerted on drugs in my car I'm

going to show the clip with it where

they broke in it's not very good it's

fuzzy but you get an idea that they came

and sit through this back corner here

this is this back corner

go ahead oh s--- please you can be

professional yes yes my key is in there



no I don't


without being able to see and it's going

to be difficult I have those spoil

things up so you're going to be

difficult to see just keep the light out


oh yeah it's for light yeah I'm in a lot

of ways there yeah that'll make it look

more suspicious so this morning the cop

shops not far from here where I'm at so

I walked over there and the cops don't

provide that that that lock service for

the locker key in a car they said call

call a key Smith

I didn't bother calling him I went right

to to YouTube to learn how to do it and

I'll show you how coming up next but I

locked my keys in my car doesn't happen

too often and I think part of the reason

that that happened was because I had

this tissue all right in my key pockets

in my right pocket and I always feel and

it's like I think I felt the tissue in a

way that felt like it was my keys

without thinking about it and as I just

assumed I had my keys so you know short

of getting a hang or I don't know where

I'd find one maybe a dry cleaner I take

a look at this hardware store and see

what they got inside so the hardware guy

gave me this five foot of wire he just

gave it to me because he had a lot of

questions about about Triple A and

talking to the police and if I have a

job and I answered them all honestly and

he's like oh I see here one of them he

didn't say that but I'm going to use

this he said also they can sell spare

key I told him my my make and model and

he's like yeah they have that key they

can make a spare of I'd be interested in

keeping one and leaving it in my bag

a spare key would cost three to four

dollars so I was quoted all right so I'm

thinking that this little tear and I and

off weatherstripping is because of what

the cop did yeah as a little little beat

up right here and here he entered

through here to unlock my car alright so

it took this about five feet long

I had to string in through this way and

then and then just I had a hook on the

end and I'd seem like I'd cold I was

very sensitive it didn't take much

effort to have to pull on this and that

unlocked the door so that's it

keys were sitting right here like usual

good admit that I did not close the door

all the way so I was on a second latch

that was keeping it locked so I would

have had to pry this open