How to Unlock: 2008 Ford Escape (without key)

Hello my name is Brian Johnson owner and operator of Captain Lock Pick in Traverse City

Today I'm going to be showing you how to unlock this 2008 ford escape using a 55 inch long reach tool and an air bag

Alright, so now I'm gonna get started

I like to start at the very top of the door like this

Get your air wedge in right over the weather seal, and then you're gonna just kind of put some pressure in and slide up and down

Until you can see that on the inside of the door the air bag is successfully in the door. You will begin pumping like so

You'll see the door separate in the door jam and you'll start to get a little

Gap in there to where you can stick your long reach tool in

As you can see our air bag allowed us to separate the door just enough to where we can now stick our long reach in

All right so this is our 55 inch long reach tool. They come in many different shapes and sizes but this is the brand I like to stick with because

I just think it works the best

All right now that the car is unlocked the last step is going to be to deflate your airbag

You don't want to go and open the door

while you have pressure on the door jam

Let out the pressure pull out your air wedge open your door. Grab your keys and you're good to go

Thanks for watching my video on how to unlock a 2008 Ford Escape

I hope you found this video useful

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