Dead Battery? No key hole? Remote Not Working? Now What?

I am welcome to another video by Jim the

car guy today we're going to talk about

what do you do if you try to open up

your car you press the button on your

remote and it doesn't unlock what do you

do there's no more locks on the vehicles

anymore you don't have a lock here and

you don't have a lock on the other side

well don't worry about this really not a

big deal it's fairly simple to get into

it as long as you have the key we can

get into it now

frequently what happens when a battery

goes dead in the car your remote won't

work any longer because the battery is

dead in the vehicle so you need to get

into the car so you can get the battery

hood open so you can replace the battery

or charge the bathroom or whatever you

have to do alright so what you're

basically going to do is you're going to

take your key like this and as you

remember there is no keyhole inside it

over here I'm going to show you now how

open this up so there is a key a key

slot directly underneath here so let me

bring in a little closer I'm gonna show

you had to do it and we'll get this door

opened up and and that'll be in alright

so the first one is get this down here

so you could watch what I'm doing ok so

this is the where your actual key hole

is it's actually only that cover right

there but you want to do is you want to

be real careful because you don't want

to get in here with something fat such

as this key and try to pop it up there

you don't want to get in here with

anything real thick like this and get in

here you're gonna scratch the paint so

what we're going to do is are going to

take a very very small screwdriver such

as this and you come up underneath you

have very gently you put the screwdriver

in and you just pull it very very gently

because it's only made of plastic and

it'll break very easy once this pops up

like this just work it back and forth

gently and the clip comes right out see

there's a little tiny clip here you

don't want to break these because you

won't be able to put it back on alright

so this goes like this I'm just gonna

leave that hang just the way it is right


we take our trusty key such as this put

it in here like that

we can open the call just like that all

right there to put it back together all

you're basically gonna do is you're

gonna take your little plastic cover

like this put it back over the top like


buying these pieces up here with

underneath there like that and push it

very easy and a snap spike in just like

it was never like it was never damaged

or taken out or anything all right make

sure it snaps back in okay now obviously

you heard the alarm ringing on this

particular vehicle because the battery's

not dead the battery is actually fully

charged up well when you take your key

and you put the key into the key slide

and you click it on if you click it on

and off it'll actually turn the alarm

off as well in this particular case I

just pressed my remote because there was

nothing wrong with the battery all right

so that's a quick tip just in case you

ever find yourself with a with a dead

battery in the car or if you have a dead

battery on your remote if the remote

battery goes dead - that's also another

way that you can get in to the vehicle

at the same time so this vehicle is a

2019 Hyundai Santa Fe

most of the Hyundai's are all very

similar to this if not exactly the same

whether it's the Santa Fe or the Sonata

or even the newer the Kohner or whatever

they're all basically the same if they

don't have a key slot there is a way to

get into it you just need to get that

little cover off so you can get in there

so all right I hope I was helpful and as

always thanks for watching and let's see

how the next one