How to start your Ford if your key fob is dead

if your vehicle has keyless ignition and

the battery dies in your key fob you

will need an alternative way to get

inside and start your vehicle first find

the tab on the back side of the key fob

using your fingernail pull down the tab

and remove the back to find the key

inside next locate the small hole on the

underside of your vehicle's door handle

located the key find the door on the

bottom of the door handle insert the key

and press up pull it to the right and

now you can get in and start your key

turn to the right place the key back in

the fob now look for your key insert

under your cup holder place the key in

with the buttons facing forward if

you're trying to get into your vehicle

and you cannot figure out if it is the

battery or the key fob run your finger

down the side if it does not light up on

the key pad it is your battery if it

lights up its your key fob once you've

determined that it's your key fob and

not your battery that's dead on yours

2013 14 and 15 equipped with push-button

start the fob insert is going to be

located inside the center console and

not under the cup holder open the

console find the insert with the buttons

facing up put your foot on the brake

press Start and you're good to go