How To Unlock Ford E150

hello my name is Brian Johnson owner and

operator of captain lockpick and today

I'm going to be showing you how to

unlock this 2000 Ford e-150 okay so when

you're unlocking this vehicle I find it

actually easiest to do it on the back

doors the first step to unlocking this

vehicle is going to be to take your

airbag and slide it into the door jamb

just push out it and go up and down

until you feel it slide in begin pumping

up the airbag keep pumping it until you

see a crack in the door where you can

stick your fishhook tools okay so the

next step to unlock this vehicle is

going to be to take your fish hook tool

and grab the manual lock and lift up on


okay the last step to unlock in this

Buick was going to be to deflate your

air bag set it aside open up your door

and then unfortunately you'll have to

crawl in reach over the back seat and

you can either unlock the door or grab

your keys and either way it'll be good

to go thank you for watching my video on

how to unlock this 2041 50 if you have

any questions feel free to leave them in

the comments I do appreciate it if you

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thanks a lot have a good one