How to Lock Folder on MacBook Mac in 2021 [Password Protected]: Unlock on MacOS Big Sur, Catalina

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to lock the folder to save your document

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first of all create a folder that you

want to lock here I have created a new

secure folder on the desktop next I

created another folder with the name

lock here I copied some documents files

to lock folder otherwise you can use the

existing folder with documents and data


follow the next step to apply the lock

next open finder window on Mac and from

sidebar open Applications folder and

click on utility window now scroll and

find Disk Utility app on your Mac here

you can manage drive of your Mac from

the top menu click on file and new image

and click on new image from folder

option now locate the file where you

saved or apply lock for folder here's my

folder is on desktop so I am moving to

desktop and selecting the folder inside

the secure folder that's it

I have chosen a folder next is to apply

lock and encryption select 128-bit

encryption from the encryption drop-down

and apply new password for this folder

enter password for two times


and also select image the roommate type

is red right so we can use this lock

folder to add new documents and delete

also after the process is done the dmg

file will be saved in the same folder

from where you browse and pick up the

lock folder my secure dmg file created

under the secure folder on desktop now

you can delete your old folder from your

Mac my folder name is locked folder and

use lock folder dmg now the next part is

how to use this lock folder on Mac and

relock folder on Mac double click on

this secure folder enter the password

that you have set for lock folder once

you verify your folder will appear on

desktop and Finder sidebar is a drive if

your drive is disabled from the sidebar

then enable from top menu open finder

preferences and select the sidebar tab

now select external drive checkbox to

appear on the Finder sidebar use this

folder to add new documents and files

this lock folder drive or external drive

will appear on desktop as well so we can

use the lock folder in this way as well

now from unlocked folder we can delete

the file duplicate the file and add new

files as well we can real ock this

secure folder with a single click on

exit Drive arrow appear next to the

drive name in finder sidebar or

automatically closed on next restart

your Mac