Remove Lock Icon Symbol from Folders Files in Windows 7 8 10

this video is going to be on how to

unlock a folder in Windows 7 and it

might work in Windows 8 Windows 10 who


so I'm sitting here looking at my

computer and I'd get a lot folder that

is new I could might be able to get rid

of it by rebooting and I probably should

reboot to see if that fixes it but my

music folder is locked my pictures are

locked in my video is locked now I'm

going to click on this and we're gonna

get a message access is denied I'm gonna

click on my videos over here I don't

know if this is gonna take me in okay so

that's unusual but I can no longer get

to my videos now and I have my music I

can't get to my music and my music over

here access denied

so obviously something went wrong here

with the sharing and again it might be a

reboot problem I could maybe go back and

do a recovery but let's see if we can

get this working yeah I really don't

know why it's locked but because this is

locked this is now locked so let's go

before I do that if my videos help you

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I'm awesome so what we have here is this

folder with this lock over here and I'm

going to take the mouse so I'm going to

right-click it and I'm gonna go all the

way down to the bottom where it says

properties and left click it and we come

up with this box over here so let's zoom

in I don't know if this is going to fix

it but we're gonna try so that is the

box I'm going to go over to security and

I'm gonna left click security and I

should now because I'm an administrator

I should be able to have access to all

of this should only be blocking people

that dealt that are not administrators

but that is not the case here so what

I'm gonna do is I'm going to click on

the edit button over here left click on

the edit button and I should have

something in this box that says users it

should also let administrator do this

but I don't know why it's not letting me

do this and there is the name that's my

account name name is the PC

administrator so I'm going to click Add

left click Add and we come up with a box

now there are two things you can type in

this box you can type in users or you

can also try to type in authenticated

users so I'm going to type in users and

we're gonna see what comes up if this

works users and then I'm gonna go click

over here check names now I believe

doing authenticated users might do the

same thing I don't know what we're gonna

click check names and we've got named PC

users and now remember I think we're

doing this on the music over here so

this should disappear this over here

let's see what happens I still don't

know if I'm gonna have access to


I'm going to click apply an error

occurred access is denied this is not


okay so let's go back in and type users

again and okay we've got users and now I

want to give users I should have read

and execute lists and control read I

should have access to all of this stuff

readwrite I should have full control

let's try full control for users and see

what we end up getting it doesn't want

me in there that's very interesting

that should work let's go over to here

to my music now if it doesn't work for

you then you've got the exact same

problem that I have

I've got named users I want to click an

administrator administrator has full

access to everything very interesting

and this name account has access to

everything and let's go over to this

thing now the properties security name

let's click on name let's click on ok so

the name that I just added has full

access to everything an administrator

has full access to everything

interesting but we're gonna go over to

pictures the lock folder and we're gonna

move that over here secure take' I'm

missing the users thing over here

very interesting administrator has

absolutely no access to anything and

that is not right so what I'm gonna do

is I'm going to give the administrator

full access to everything and we're

gonna see if that goes away an error

occurred user public documents my access


wondering if my PC was taken over did

somebody steal my did somebody take

control of my computer okay well what I

just showed you should work you should

be able to get full access to all of

this I have zero access to any of my

documents right now so but that is the

way to do it I'm gonna do a reboot and

if everything clears up I'll let you

know if it doesn't clear up I will let

you know what I did but that is the way

to get access back to locked folders

after a reboot you can see that the

locked folder under my music is gone and

the lock folder on my pictures and my

video is still there yet even though the

locked folder is gone I have no access

to my music and my music I don't know

why I still have access to my files

where I saved them under a under

download I saved them under down low but

I never saved them under my music my

pictures in my video so I was able to

get rid of the locked folder but I am

not able to access anything yet and I

don't really know why so let's try one

last thing before I turn this off and

just give up on it we're gonna go back

to properties and we're gonna go to

secure take' and we've got the name user

in there permissions for everyone we

don't want permissions for everyone we

do want permissions it shows that our

name user has all access and

administrator has all access and system

has all access and everyone only has

special permissions pretty interesting

now let's go over to the other folder

we'll click on here and we'll see what's

going on with this one security everyone

should only have special permissions

special permissions system should have


system has nothing administrator has

special permissions so what I'm gonna do

I'm going to go do the other thing that

I just did before I'm going to edit I'm

gonna add when I go into users now I'm

gonna try two ways to do this I'm going

to type in authenticated users and I'm

just gonna click OK

we've got authenticated users over there

I have absolutely no idea what that

means and I'm also gonna type in users

and do the check names and that's the

one that I want and then I want ok so

I've got that so let's go see what we

have here

that's that we've got read execute

limited and authenticated has the same

thing and now what am I doing this on my

video so let's do apply access denied

continue access denied cancel so we're

gonna cancel out of that it does not

want me to do it on that one let's try

it on this one that's populated the the

user name over there that I just did and

let's do one last one here let's do an

ADD and let's do authenticated users

again and we'll pop that in there and

we'll apply and access is denied it

really does not want me to have access

to this authenticated users let's see if

we can give them full control no it

doesn't want that either

so we'll take full control away

everyone now system now this great

airflow control let me name it okay so

I'm not a hundred percent sure but I'm

guessing yeah I stopped it in the middle

let's do one last thing here I can't I

can't do the sharing thing up there

because it doesn't allow any shared

folder start synchronizing normally

you'd be able to do a share but you

can't even do that so now my video no


I have zero access to any of these

folders and again it could be because

somehow I modified this but I do want to

show you one last thing that if you look

over here we have libraries and if I

click on any of the libraries my

documents show up my music shows up my

pictures show up in my video shows up so

if I click on any of the libraries my

documents show up my music shows up the

pictures show up the video shows up so

whatever is going on in these lot

folders I don't know but my files are

still there and I just don't have access

to them through these folders here so at

least the video shows you how to unlock

how to get rid of that I'm going to do

that one more time on my pictures let's

do property let's do secure take' let's

do at it let's do ad I think they saved

the authenticated user and the clipboard


I did I'll click OK the dog is gonna

bark in a minute and I want to also do

ad and I want to do you ask

or s us er s and I'm gonna do check name

okay so now we have that we have

authenticated users I want to give them

full control and user name I want to

give full control I don't think any of

its gonna work no it's not gonna work

access denied continue continue

okay but when I do a reboot that is

gonna be gone so it just depends on if

this was set if this machine was set up

normally the right way I wouldn't be

having this problem but this machine was

a Windows XP to a Windows 7 conversion

so there are lots of problems with the

permissions on the folders but when I go

over like I said to libraries everything

is good because if you look right here

when I started the video my music had a

locked folder that is gone my pictures

had a blocked folder I need to reboot or

maybe close this out and open it up my

video had a locked icon and it is gone

and all I did is I closed out the folder

after I turned off the camera and went

to my pictures and then I closed off the

folder open to backup so all of the

locks are gone

but there is just nothing in there

because it's completely locked from the

Windows XP Windows 7 conversion but

that's how you unlock a folder make sure

you do that fuzz up share or comment

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