how to open a door without keys - lock picking basics

what's going on guys I'm bill and

welcome to Bill T out to today we've got

a lock that unfortunately I haven't got

the keys for okay new house haven't got

the keys for it so I have to pick this

lock in order to open it and do some

work outside so I wasn't expecting two

tickets to all I've got here is my

backup this one is simply sits in my

wallet looks like a credit card perfect

little handy songs took this for maybe

ten twenty dollars just for a backup got

a whole set of different keys yeah and

I'm going to attempt to pick that now

I'm not sure if you guys see that but

you can see that there's a set of pins

inside that we're going to have to try

and push down and then try and leave it

to the side to try and open that up

so I'll get this on my head and see how

we go okay so the pins are on the bottom

in this one simply get high wedging


I might have to put a good attention go

drop all the pins down with you later

there we have it guys that is now

unlocked I'm actually surprised that

that worked

believe it or not that's the first time

I've done it and I have to say that is a

job well done now let's see if I've

completely opened it ah you're a machine

alright guys so just a recap in case you

couldn't see it if we have a look in

there it's needed to focus for a bit

you've got a set of pins on the bottom

okay first thing you need okay

is just a little picking tool now this

one use got a little loop on the bottom

that helps you work those pins and drop

them all down so I'll see if I can just

show you guys how I did it without

losing focus okay so those pins there

I'll just drop the first one down to see

if you guys can see it very bad lighting

alright so all I'm doing is simply

pushing these pins down I'll do another

tutorial and how to pick it I've got a

good lock at home that I can show you

guys how to do I'll put it in

description below in case you guys want

check it out but for the meantime all I

did was simply push down every single

pins hold them down while I'm using the

wrench key so this one here the one that

has a little bit of a tension key on it

okay so what you do simply put it in

down the bottom and turn it to the way

that the key usually opens while pushing

down the pins and butter bing bada boom

that's how you do it that's how you open

it up so I'll put it in the comment and

description below a link to how to pick

a lock with a better view guys if you

enjoyed the video so anything else but

if you

want to learn in or around your house

don't forget to put it in the comment

section below I'd be happy to show you

guys how to do it until next time i'm

bill and thanks for watching Bill's help