How to Remove Write Protection on USB drive - 2016

hey hello what's up welcome to the video

here East Asia and in this video

tutorial I'll be teaching you how to

remove the right protection on your USB

Drive please keep in mind that you'll be

able to remove the right protection on

your USB Drive only from the computer in

which you have created the right

protection like if you created the right

protection on your USB flash drive on

some computer and if you want to remove

the remove that right protection from

some other computer then it is

impossible like you should be you will

be able to remove the right protection

from the same computer using which you

created the right protection so there

are two ways in which you can remove the

right protection on your USB Drive the

first way is by making some changes with

the registry keys and the second method

is by using CMD so I think the CMD

method like I feel a CMD method is a bit

easy so I'll be teaching you the CMD

method anyway let's get started

so as you can see here I have USB Drive

attached to my laptop right now this is

the USB Drive and if I try to format it

by right-clicking and select format and

then start okay it says the disc is

right protected and also if I want to

copy any files to my my USB Drive like

this if I were to drag this file over

here it says the disc is right protected

and it doesn't allow me to copy any

files inside that USB Drive so let's see

how to fix this first off you gotta open

your Start menu and type in CMD and then

open the command prompt and in the

command prompt you go to type in


and hit enter now once you type in this

part and hit enter it it asks you for

administrator rights so just give you

the administrator rights and another CMD

window appears on your screen like this

now if you go to type in list disk and

that's going to list all the all the

disks which are currently connected to

your laptop or desktop computer or

anything like so if you can see uff I

have two disks that disk 0 is actually

my internal hard drive and the disk one

is the USB flash drive which I have

attached to my computer and which is

right protected so you got to select the

USB flash drive from this list so here

I'll be selecting disc 1 so just type in

select space disk space the number of

the disk in this case it is 1 so I'll

type in select disc 1 and then hit enter

it says the disc 1 is now the selected

disk or the next thing you got to do is

you got to type in attributes space disk

space clear space read-only and then hit

enter and that and then it says the disk

attributes cleared successfully now that

is all you have successfully removed

write protection from your hard disk so

let me just exit this one and to see the


just remove your USB Drive once and plug

in once again to your USB socket to see

the changes so here we go this is the

USB Drive and let me now try to copy

some files like let me drag this file

into this and as you can see right away

the file is copied into the USB flash

drive which means the disk I mean the

USB disk is no longer write protected

and I have successfully removed the

write protection from this USB Drive so

this is how you remove the USB or the

write protection on your USB Drive if

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