How to lock/unlock your USB Port [2 easy ways]

hi guys this julius world and in this

video i will show you how to disable or

enable your us report on the disabling

mnsure for some security reasons only so

it's your wish you want to secure your

USB port when i secure your computer

that I'm disabling the port and on so I

will show you ten two ways so first let

me show you the easiest way that is to

go to run by pressing the windings on

are humble and type in regedit reg edit

is okay this is a registry editor and

click OK so here it comes the registry

editor window and in this left column

you will see the list of registered

raised soul and this we are concerned

with H key local machine so we just

click on this and in the list you will

find the bottom of it is there is a

thing called system so you just click on

it on the system on you will click on

current control set under current

control set you'll click on services and

other services you have to scroll down a

little bit to find us be sto are here it

is so you just click on you and you can

see in the right panel some sort of

names appear and in this type you will

click on start to double click it and

you will find the hexadecimal value of

three so three minutes actually the port

is opened my USB port is open it is arm

means any drive USB Drive can be

detected and all

so and if so if you just change it to

four this has the smell of reform then

and hit on okay so my port will be

blocked means no devices would be

detected out there then so this is one

way of doing it and the easiest way is

again we go to run by pressing Windows

as our key and press on the type de

vivir MDM T dot MSE out you're working

only so unhip okay so it will open the

device manager and on the device manager

there is at the bottom of the list there

is universal serious but controller so

this is actually the USB controllers so

let me show you guys first in my

computer already my USB stick is

detected it's in Europe so you can see

it so so in this device manager and the

USB controllers I just click on it and

see there's a list of USB drives out

here detected so we'll be interested in

USB mass storage device because that is

the USB drive that is detected so I just

right-click and click on it and there's

option called disabled so I'll just um

click on disable now it shows the pop-up

menu its disabling this device will

cause it stop functioning do you really

want to disable easy as I want to so it

will lock my USB port yo okay so after

it has refreshed see there is a small

arrow symbol out here and so it's

blocked let us see what happens in my

computer so yo there is no USB Drive and

device out here

okay so let us n able the you support

again we will go to USB mass storage

device right click it and hit cannibal

yep it has detected yeah see this

detective so this is how you can enable

or disable your USB port

okay thanks for watching hope you guys

like it