GAT Unlock : How to Manage File permissions in your Google Drive

In this GAT Labs how to we’ll be going over File management using GAT Unlock.

First we’ll begin in the Drive Audit section in GAT+. In this example I’ll

be creating a filter that will look for all video files being shared out of my

domain by my marketing group. To do that, we’ll first select the Apply custom

filter option. Now we’ll select Type and choose ‘User/Group/OU/ Search’. I’ll Add

the Marketing Group and make sure that Ownership is set to Owned.

Under Definition we can begin setting the

parameters of our filter. I’ll add two rules, one for sharing flags and the

other for Type. This filter will now look for Video files which are owned by my

marketing group that are also being shared out. We’ll now Apply the filter. Now

that the search is completed we can begin managing these files you can that the search is completed and we can begin managing these files.

You can remove sharing permissions directly using these arrows but in this example,

we'll select the videos we want to manage. To do that we can check the

boxes next to the file or select all the files with this checkbox. Now that we

have our files selected we can click the file operations button and then choose

File management. In this new window you can see multiple tabs that cover

different areas. In the General Tab you can change the File’s Ownership. You can

Add or Remove users permissions in their respective tabs. In the replacement

Tab you can replace a user with permissions with another. And in the

Summary Tab you can view any changes you’ve made. In this example I’ll change

the owner of these files and also remove external access to the videos.

Once we are ready we can select Send Request. Once your GAT Unlock security

officer approves your request the actions will take effect. if you enjoyed

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