How to Unlock files on Mac Yosemite OSX unlock documents, unlock zip file

hey guys until isoterm I'm going to

teach you how to unlock any files that

you have so these are sip files and you

see that little lock on the side we're

going to teach you how to take that off

so it's normal like these other ones

okay so this doesn't just work for zip

files it's any file we just edit for

call of duty up here you can do it for

any type of file so all you have to do

is actually right click on the file that

you want to unlock so to right-click you

can just press the ctrl key on your

keyboard and then just click and you'll

get this or if you have a trackpad you

can just tap it 2 fingers and you should

get this once you get this um over your

locked file just go to get info under

get info you're going to see this window

popping up okay so I'm swim in a little

bit again okay right here you're going

to see the first thing it says up here

it's just locked so just uncheck this

part it says locked and that's it you've

just unlocked it now just in case you

guys don't have read and write

permissions down here you can also

change it up um for this file so just

make sure for you doesn't just say we'd

only you can also write on it and that's

it all you have to do is just close this

up and the lock as you can see is gone

so I'm gonna do it for this

so ready yours locked lock it I'm gonna

zoom out the hallway

I'm going to do it for the last one and

that's it guys so we do uncheck this

close it up and the locks gone so now

you can open it up and do anything that

you want to the file okay anyways that's

it for this video tutorial if you guys

having problems questions you can write

them below and don't forget scribe and

rate thank you