How To Take Ownership Of Administrative Files and Folders On Windows 10/8/7


hello everyone how are you doing this is

and attack here with another quick

tutorial in today's tutorial I'm gonna

show you guys how to hopefully resolve

if you're unable to display the current

owner on your Windows computer so when

you have the owners box that says that

you're attempting to take ownership and

it says unable to display current owner

this tutorial will be for you guys so

we're gonna jump into it and we're gonna

basically go ahead and try and allow

full access to authenticated users and

in order to do that we're going to

actually go ahead and locate the file

we're having the problems with so let's

say open a file explorer here doesn't

really matter which file or folder I

mean I'm just gonna get you guys to an

example so go underneath my local disk

so let's say underneath users empty tech

let's say my downloads folder so I'm

going to right click on it and then I'm

gonna go and left click on properties

and then I'm gonna left one the security

tab over on the right once you've done

that you want to go ahead and left go on

the advanced button down here so on

Windows 10 you want to go left click on

this change button right here on Windows

7 you want to go ahead and left want to

change permissions button right down

here on Windows 8 or Windows 10 there

should be a bun this is change right

here you want a local on this change

again depends what version of Windows

you're running same principle will apply

now you want a local on this advanced

button that comes up underneath select

user or group now that you've done that

you want to left click on fine now it

should be something that says

authenticated users so I'm going to

expand this here authenticated users now

that we've selected that you want to

left click on ok now you want a left

horn ok again

so now if we go ahead and double-click

on any of these you want to make sure

all of them have full control and you

can always go underneath showed man's

permission to view there are grayed out

options but you want to make sure if

full control is enabled for all them and

then just left with one okay so pretty

sure you forward


so I should be pretty straightforward

and at this point my soft want applying

okay it says if you just taking

ownership of this object you will need

to close and reopen this object's

properties before you can view or change

permissions left we're going okay what's

our just restoring a computer and

hopefully your issue has been resolved

so as always thank you guys for watching

and I do hope this brief that's where I

was able to help you out and I look

forward to catching you all in the next

tutorial goodbye