How to Lock Files in Microsoft Teams

so one thing that's come up is that in

Microsoft teams in the files area

anybody by default can edit the files as

a teacher you might not want this you

might not want the students Mable to

change or modify or even delete the

files so what's actually running

Microsoft teams is an older platform

called SharePoint so you can change the

sharing of files at the individual level

what I recommend is actually creating a

file or folder rather maybe something

called locked files something like that

now you can do this with a file or with

a folder click the three dots and it

gives you an option to open in

SharePoint within SharePoint you have a

lot more control over how people can

access the files so what I'm gonna do

here is I'm going to hit the general

button because that's the name of the

folder and I created that locked files

folder I could have done that in teams

or here either way there's three dots

and you want to look for manage access

now when you do that this is the name of

our team that were and that's what it's

currently shared with this pencil means

that everybody in how teams can help can

edit it so what we want to do is want to

hit this pencil or the arrow next to the

pencil and change it to can view but not

can edit you could change it to stop

sharing and then they won't even see it

so you might find that useful if you're

putting files ahead of time that you

want to turn on and off also if you have

a bulk amount of files or files with a

folder structure you can actually just

drag those over in the browser and put

them in here in one step so if you're

somebody's got a massive amount of files

that's actually very useful but to the

question at hand just change this to Ken

view and then you can go ahead and close

this now if a student tries to access

this folder they will have read-only

access so I think I'm

logged-in is my daughter here so I have

a daughter in the district so I'm logged

in as herd you can see she only has

read-only access so if I want this

folder here if I want a file there I can

move it I will say you can't do it right

in teams unfortunately you'll have to do

it in SharePoint so again you're going

to open in SharePoint and then I made

like a test file so I'm gonna go back to

general and the nice thing about

SharePoint is I can just drag files so I

can just take this drag this example

file into there and now it will be in

the locked folder so now if I go to my

daughter it's probably gonna take a

little while to sync

but now we see the example file in there

and see how it's got this icon here she

only has read-only access to it we go

back out to the general and we no longer

see that file because it sits there so I

know it's a little bit of a hoop to jump

through but if you're somebody who wants

their files locks to students this

really is the easiest way although once

you create this locked folder any file

you put in there is going to

automatically be locked so I would go

with moving files in and in and out of


so hopefully you find that useful but

again we do as you go to files in teams

and then you click on the three dots

open in SharePoint and then what you're

looking for is to manage the permissions

so you might have to go above the folder

because this is a subfolder three dots

and you're going to manage access and

you're going to change that from a

pencil to kind of like an eyeball so

I'll have that so yeah hopefully that's

useful it's not for everybody