FIGO Virtue II 4.0 Unlocked Dual SIM GSM Cell Phone Review


they've won Chris here thank you for

tuning in and get a quick little tech

review for you so I found myself to be

in a market for a new smartphone I

currently have an Asus zenfone 2 which I

love but it is kind of big so I actually

wanted to get something a little bit

smaller and I also didn't want to spend

a lot of money so I found this it's a

virtue virtue to I believe it's called

pronounced Figo I'll be fine go but I'm

gonna go Figo real quick look at the box

you can see right here it's a gigabytes

of storage the picture of the phone on

the front does it not really indicate

what's inside because I did not order

blue at the white one here's the color

choices available the other side you can

see it's got a four inch capacitive

touchscreen five vivid color selection

these guys again it's got a 1 gigahertz

quad-core processor 5 megapixel rear

camera 4G capable dual SIM support which

is a selling point for me because I have

two sims in my current phone one

personal one for work it has micro SD

card support so it can expand on that

goodbye internal storage and then it

comes with android 5.1 lollipop

alright so opening up the box take a

look at the contents here we have the

phone and it is in a protective sleeve

so we take that off there is a

protective cover on the front and it

just kind of reiterates all the specs

that were on the box and initial

thoughts a very lightweight extremely

lightweight so much so that I think my

son may have toy play phones that weigh

more than this so that is a concern the

feel you can see it is white they feel

it's a matte white not gloss it's not

hard really hard plastic this kind of

got like a rubbery feel to it

so putting that aside other contents

include a thank you for your purchase

and if seal is broken check console this

probably should been on the outside of

the box

if seal is broken guys we're going to

open this up or just rip it open either

or and here we have those are the


this is the wall charger and this is the

USB cable here's the battery and the

instruction manual

okay so besides just being another label

with the specs on it it's also the cover

for a protective film or screen

protector so if we just pull this off

the screen underneath already has a

protector on it actually looks like two

because we can pull this off too

well that's interesting this might

actually be the protective the screen

protector itself but it has this tab on

it so if you pull the tab you take the

protective screen off entirely that is a

little ridiculous it has a bunch of air

bubbles in it to begin with so I'm just

going to pull it off and maybe I can

custom cut a screen protector myself all

right so we're going to pop this open so

we can put the battery in and right down

here in the bottom corner there's a

little tab area or cutout area we can

kind of stick your fingernail into to

pull us apart okay with the back cover

pulled off it reveals the battery area

right here your SD card or micro SD card

goes right here and here's your two SIM

slots now I'm not sure if you can see it

one thing that I'm concerned about right

out of the gates is that your sim 102

label that says 3G and then over here

sim 2 says 2g so even though the box

said 4G I'm worried that those two Sims

might be limited I guess we'll pop the

Sims in and take a look


all right so I just put the battery and

let's see if there's enough juice to get

this thing started

there we go so the power button here is

on the left you have your volume on the

right and the USB port is actually on

the top which is interesting interesting

I've always had them hit on the bottom

of my other phones all right so what

I'll probably end up doing I'm going to

pop my two SIM cards in and put in my

micro SD card I'm going to probably use

this phone for maybe about a week and

then come back to this video and just

provide you with more thoughts and

opinions of operation you know how long

does a battery last what's the call

quality we'll try some of the taking

some pictures and some videos so just

bear with me and we're gonna do a little

bit of time travel to the future all

right so I've been using this phone for

a couple days now so I figured it's a

for me to resume the video with my final

thoughts and opinions on the phone so I

with the battery in the phone it does

add a little bit of weight to it a

little more heft so it doesn't really

feel like a toy anymore it is still

lightweight but it actually feels like a

phone now that being said the battery is

much smaller than I was used to with my

other phones so just as an example when

I wake up in the morning I grab my

current phone or my my other phone and I

would check the weather

I would play my music through my phone

on the draft work and I want to get to


battery was probably like at you know 90

90 to 93 percent and with this phone

when I pulled into work I was already

down at 70 percent so the battery

drained definitely happens a lot quicker

on this phone

I am noticing that some of the programs

also we're a little bit more sluggish

let's go ahead login here for you one

thing in regards to typing the key

recognition I was actually pretty decent

I just had a little problem with that

accessing the P key because it's over

here to the right I'm not sure if it's

just because of my finger I wasn't

hitting correctly or if it's too close

to the edge of the screen but axe

hitting that P was a little bit tricky I

installed a little notepad program on

here to help keep notes about what I

found and of course it comes up

instantly now but before it seemed like

it was taking too much long for just a

simple notepad app to open up and I

noticed accessing certain websites but

actually any websites through the Google

Chrome browser just seem to be taking

longer on this phone than it did on my

other phone another thing that I found

here on the back here is the the speaker

is a small speaker so I wasn't expecting

too much out of it but the quality

actually is pretty bad yeah it just

seems like too much power going through

it and the audio is a yeah it just

suffers also I like to keep the phone on

vibrate and the vibrating motor is

pretty weak

most the time I wouldn't hear the

vibrate and wouldn't feel the vibrate

either so there's a flashing light up

here when you get a text so I could see

text we're coming through just the

vibrate really wasn't the quality that I

was hoping for another thing this is a

dual SIM phone so I can make calls from

either SIM my personal sim or my work

sim but I did not expect to be limited

for sending text I can only send text

from the SIM card that's in slot one

and then also in regards to the the

cameras on the phone I wasn't expecting

the best buy it was a 5 megapixel camera

in the back the front-facing camera I

believe was 2 megapixels and the quality

just wasn't there I kind of expected the

quality to be similar to like my

original iPhone 4 because I believe that

was a 5 megapixel camera but yeah the

quality just wasn't there

it was unfortunately so I don't think

you know I have a young son he's a year

and a half so I mean we wanted to take

some taking pictures of him taking video

of him and I'm just not going to get

good quality pictures from this phone

and which is unfortunate


another thing I found I don't know if

it's just app specific I was having GPS

issues on this I have a weather app on

here that determines my location and

gives me the appropriate weather for

whatever reason it could not determine

my location so at first I just thought

the GPS was junk but then I went into

Google Maps and Google Maps knew where I

was so so maybe it's hit or miss

depending on the program but I never had

a problem with a GPS on my phones before

so final thoughts it's not the best

phone by any means I'm not going to be

using this phone to replace my current

Asus phone I did it like I'll do like

the size of the phone I really wanted to

like this phone I like the size I like

the phone and Sauve the phone it feels

like it already has a protective case on

it it's really just the phone but it

feels like it's protected like an

Otterbox case so I like that the like

almost rubbery non-slip grip of it but

yeah there was unfortunately there's too

many bad things about it too for me to

commit to this being my primary phone I

didn't have high hopes going into this

well I did I had better expectations

than what I got

retail wise I saw this phone going for

you know roughly $100 some places had a

you know eighty a ninety that was a full

suggested retail price a lot of places

are selling it for around 50 I managed

to pick this up for $40 and it feels

like a $40 phone he does not feel like

$100 phone so yeah that's it I guess

I'll keep it as an extra phone in case

something happens with mine it breaks

and all you need to use something

temporarily like a better

but I cannot commit to this being a

primary phone maybe if you want to get a

first phone for maybe your teenager this

could be a good starter phone but beyond

that I can't recommend it if you have

any specific questions please let me

know as always comment like and

subscribe and until next time we'll talk

to you later