How to Open Your Safe by Dialing the Combination Lock


hi there Jamie from lock safe here and

today it is my pleasure to provide a

quick and easy tutorial on how to dial

the combination on your safe there are

four simple steps to follow so let's go

ahead and get right to it during this

four step process take your time and be

very precise you must use the opening

index which is located right here at 12

o'clock our combo today is 80

23:56 let's begin step 1

turn the dial four times to the left

then stop exactly at your first number

which is 80 now on the first step you

can spin it four or more times to the

left and that's what I'm gonna

demonstrate right now so I'm just

spinning and spinning and now I'm going

to land exactly on our first number

which is 80 okay step two turn the dial

three times to the right passing the

second number which is 23 twice then

stopping exactly on 23 the third time

here we go turning it to the right

passing 23 once passing 23 twice now I'm

looking for 23 on the third time and I'm

gonna land exactly on 23 okay step 3

turn the dial two times to the left

passing our third number which is 56

only once then stopping exactly on 56

the second time so we're gonna go to the


and that was quick we passed our third

number already now we're going to land

on it here we go

step four

turn the dial slowly to the right until

the dial stops and unlocks so I'm going

to turn now it's tightened up and now

the dial has stopped and you are ready

to unlock your safe okay now just to go

through that again we're gonna go ahead

and practice one more time here I'm

going four more times to the left I'm

landing exactly on my first number okay

left on the first number four or more


step two turn to the right past the

second number once past the second

number twice and land exactly on that

second number the third time step three

we're going back left past the third

number once land exactly on that third

number second time around I'm going to

turn the dial step four turn the dial

slowly to the right until it unlocks and

now you can open your safe

we hope this video has been helpful to

you and please don't have to take to

contact us we can help you with anything

else at all lock a sink 800 six five

four five two one three Janie here take