the first step in this operation is to

open the safe

access the back of the lock and insert

the change key recovering from a lost

combination is very similar to the

process of changing a single combination

you'll be using the lock serial number

as if it was the locks existing

combination the serial number is inside

the small brown envelope that's packaged

with the lock it's also etched inside

the lock body and shown on the cover

circuit board divide the six digit

serial number into three two-digit

numbers this will be treated as if it's

the locks existing combination in the

recovery procedure

this combination cannot actually open

the lock it's only used to set a new

combination of our own choosing

for this demonstration the dust cover

has been removed allowing for a better

view of the numbers and the index mark

the recovery process must be completed

within two minutes from when you first

turn the dial the recovery combination

for this particular lock is 80 240 296

and we'll set a combination of 2268 50

keep in mind that the first step in

dialing an a3 number combination during

any part of the change process is to

turn the dial at least two full

revolutions to the left we begin this

process by turning the dial to the right

the single beep indicates the change key

is recognized continue right until you

get to zero now turn the dial left at

least two full revolutions three beeps

is prompting us to enter the recovery

combination of 80 240 296 82 42 and 96

turn the dial write a few numbers three

beeps is prompting us to put in our new

combination you remember the one that we

chose is 2260 850 at least two

revolutions to the left and stop on 22

go back to 68 and then turn left to 50

turn the dial back write a few numbers

three more beeps indicates that we need

to enter our new combination again for


remember it's twenty two sixty eight

fifty twenty two sixty eight fifty now

turn the dial back to the right a few

numbers we hear five beeps indicating a

successful recovery and combination

change keep dialing to the right and the

dial will come to a positive stop

indicating that we have recovered from

an unknown combination and we've

successfully set a new combination of

our own remove the change key from the

lock always check your new combination

at least three times with the door open

before locking the container