[840] Flow Security Systems “FaucetLock” Picked FAST

this is the lock-picking lawyer and what

i have for you today is a faucet lock

made by Flo security systems it's a lock

designed to secure outdoor hose bibbs

from tampering or water theft to things

that can be serious concerns in urban

environments using it is very simple all

you need to do is thread this mechanism

onto the end of a hose bib and after you

have it snug duct take the key and turn

the core to the locked position

turning the cord decouples the outer

shell from the inner mechanism making it

spin freely and if it spins freely it

can't be easily unthreaded now as a

practical matter a hose bib is a low

value target and any safeguard is likely

to be enough because of that I can't be

too critical of security weaknesses

however it is always disappointing to

see a tubular lock which lacks any of

the features which would stop an

impression in tool that weaknesses

essentially makes this a core that's

been obsolete for about thirty years

let's see why that is by opening it up

with this cheap and readily available

tool what I'm going to do is push it

into the lock and turn at the same time

repeating that motion over and over

until it opens which should take less

than 30 seconds

there we go

it took a little bit longer than I would

have expected probably because of weak

Springs inside of the lock even so it is

certainly a lock that can be opened

quickly with this low skill attack as I

said before though it probably doesn't

matter on a faucet lock where any

precaution at all is likely to be enough

in any case that's all I have for you

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