Factory Unlock✔️Sim/Carrier/Network Unlock Any Carrier Any IPhone in World Permanently 2020

hello everyone I'm going to unlock an

iPhone from sin that means I'm going to

unlock this iPhone for those who have

iPhones but they can't use any other SIM

cards so this is carrier unlock sim

unlock network unlock even your iPhone

is in blacklisted condition even in this

black estate you can use this iPhone all

over the world the process I'm going to

show you right now even if your iPhone

is sim more supported this thing is

going to seem not valid it's going to

work so follow me and before I start I

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well so I always read the private

messages so now we're going to start as

you can see I have an iPhone and I would

explain this thing but as you can see I

have so many SIM cards here so as

everybody knows that not every sync card

keeps form on contract so I will use all

these SIM cards in front of you just for

everybody's peace of mind that this is

100% working method what I am going to


so all SIM cards I'm going to try in

front of you so you will see more

clearly what exactly going on okay as

you can see right now there is no SIM

cards first we're going to try with this

blue SIM card that is tell nor I won't

ever going to see so it will be clear

understanding as you can see I'm using

this blue SIM card that is Telenor and

let's see what's gonna come up so as you

can see one support is telling your SIM

card it comes up it comes no service

everyone kisses very clearly

no service right okay I take out the SIM

card because I want everyone to see that

this SIM cards are really not working

we're saying no services how to make

quick as

for everyone to have better and clearer

understanding so then I will show you

what exactly you have to do that will

really unlocks your iPhone and you can

use any sim card in your iPhone ok ok ok

this one as well as you can see very


it says no service ok I'll take out

I just want everyone to see that I'm not

choosing the SIM cards I like or some

people say oh it was already unlock and

that's why I want everyone to see


I can show you eg as well ok this is

this is here let me try lebara as

everybody knows live or a SIM card don't

give any contract to any phones so we're

going to tell you I don't know if you

can see very clear ok you can see no

service coming taking out when I will

apply this process after ok this is

update we will click update for

everybody's peace of mind les you've

always got work ok the updates to this

says no service will take out this

because last time so many people write

that it was ready unlock or anything I

want you to try water phone as well we

try to tell you know as well so I just

want everyone to see that this phone is

unlocked or not no service you can see

no video cut nothing dodgy going on okay

can try play as well okay I'm being very

clear so everyone can see very clearly

what exactly going on there you go if

you can see says no service so remember

the SIM cards I show you if there's no

service once I'm going to try this

method in front of you this old SIM

cards will start working so as you see

clearly even if you want to know gonna

try like ah not now not later just for

everybody's peace of mind okay so all

these SIM cards I try II

Porter phone this is pimp computing try

then try a pink one as well know that

this is working or not there you go as

you can see it says most on this I take

it out so as you see all these new cards

are not working so now the main thing

starts we have to keep this phone

without sim and you have to write down

something inside first we're going to

write down go to dial button start three

zero zero one hash one two three four

five hash and star and then we will

press if everybody can see clearly we

can press dial button will come to field

test okay's connecting is connected

already now what we have to do we have

to go to PDF contacts okay this is PDF

context we go number three we have to

make sure I PV for is old zero zero zero

as you can see ipv4 is all zeros okay

then we have to go number one in number

one we just have to click on APN to

three times

we're going back

okay then we're going to GSM cell we

have to go to GSM Orr and then we have

to go to GSA DRX use as you can see it's

now going inside okay we're going to mmm

info as you can see press Co mmm state

mmm state just you have to follow the

same procedure what I'm showing you in

this video and you will see how your

phone will work automatically okay now

we're going to and what went cell as it

s TPA to touch all these things means we

are going to activate these things these

things will be activate means this

iPhone will be working 100% okay second

dream there is nothing carrier info

there is nothing because this phone is I

had no lock even in black Esther

situation okay we're going back now okay

now forget about this thing this is with

it already

you just have to do same thing what I

did now we have to add one code we're

gonna add this code it should say very

clearly successful or complete that

means your iPhone is log then the SIM

cards I try before say is no service

they should work normally

okay so right down here star 5 0 0 5

star 7 6 7 2 star 0 - okay you can see

clearly and you died okay what's it

setting field service enter address okay

one more time star five zero zero five

star 7-6 7-2 hash zero no star zero hash

star zero hash and dial okay two times

we try this one now dismiss okay now the

first sim we tried before was blue sim

so we'll try blue seem again

okay phone is here I want everyone to

see very clearly

I'm putting blue SIM card inside okay I

didn't change anything all SIM cards are

here okay this is the easy process you

can try and you can unlock your phone

easily okay as you see I pour SIM card

inside it says no single for now okay

press zero zero zero few times keep

pressing zero once you do this you see

on the left side it takes Network so now

you can see clearly this final fifth

phone is same unlock okay okay now I'm

sure everybody wants to see let me try

all the SIM cards they were not working

before they will work now let's try

would a phone this time okay as you can

see I have water fool here I put would a

phone SIM card unless yours happened it

says zero zero zero zero keep pressing

zero for few seconds and you should have

automatically Network in this phone okay

a pressing zero

okay we should come now okay as you see

the network comes just now on the top

left corner so okay now I will try in

front of everyone

t-mobile SIM card okay one second this

is I take out SIM card and now I will

try t-mobile very easy method I did in

front of everyone and this thing is

working under present as you can see

right now on the top left corner

keep pressing zero once you're pressing

zero you see t-mobile comes straight

away as you can see very clear thank you

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