[HOW TO] Unlock Essential Phone Bootloader

hey what's going on everyone

Chris back with another video and if you

own an essential phone this guide is for

you today we're gonna be going over how

to unlock the bootloader for the

essential phone this is gonna be

important if you want to flash t WRP

recovery if you want to install the

custom ROM if you want to flash a an

essential system image in case let's say

you're the install didn't go right or

you just don't want to wait for a an OTA

to come through this is what you're in

need to do so first we have to go down

to settings go to about phone and then

go down to build number and then tap on

this multiple times until you get to

notification that you are now a

developer I already am go back and then

we're going to go to developer options

and then we need to make sure that the

OEM unlocking tick box is turned on and

the next we need to go down to USB

debugging and make sure that is turned

on also now what we need to go ahead and

do is go over to our computer and we

need to make sure that your ADB fastboot

is set up it on your computer the

interface I've always used the minimal

ADB fastboot I'll leave the link where

you can download this I've used this for

many many years and haven't had any

issues so now what we go ahead and do is

go over to our computer and then when we

open our ADB fastboot interface by a

holding down shift right click open

command window here we're going to go

ahead and type in ADB devices and then

the prompt should be coming up on your

phone to basically allow access for your

computer to interact with the phone

through ADB so go ahead and click on the

little check box to allow always and

then click on OK and here we can see

that the ADB is interacting with the

phone successfully so now what we need

to do is go ahead and reboot into the

fastboot and for bootloader and we'll be

able to unlock the bootloader at that

point so go ahead and type in ADB reboot

bootloader the phone will then reboot

into fastboot mode and we can see here

the device state is currently locked and

we want that to say unlocked so the

command here what we'll need to do is

make sure that the phone is actually

being recognized in fastboot will type

in fastboot devices and we can see here

it just stopped being recognized the

next command in order to unlock the

bootloader is first before we do that

this will wipe your phone this is gonna

wipe all of your user data so backed up

your phone before you do this just to

make sure you can always restore any

backed up information onto your phone

after we do this the next command is

going to be fastboot flashing unlock now

it's usually fastboot OEM unlock but for

some reason its fastboot flashing unlock

and we can see here it says finished

it's showing okay now it's giving us a

warning basically basically do you want

to unlock the bootloader you're going to

use your volume up or down to navigate

unlocked bootloader it may void your

warranty and you're gonna want to go

ahead and press the power button to

select and this warning is going to come

up every time your phone reboots

basically saying that the bootloader is

unlocked and things like that which is

normal now it's going through and

erasing the phone because of that

unlocking met that we have done see now

you can always press the power key to

pause the boot it's gonna continue

booting up anyway so no need to worry

there so that is how you unlock the

bootloader of the essential phone very

easy painless and you're gonna be all

ready once a custom recovery comes out

one system images come out for the

essential phone you're already one step

ahead of the

and you won't have to worry about

dealing with that when the time comes

thank you all for watching and for your

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care everyone