How To Free A Stuck Engine

sooner or later you're gonna come across

a stuck motor the question is what do

you do with the thing so we're about to

start working on a ramp child over here

and it says you know let's see if we can

free this thing up before we actually

pull it out and rip it apart cuz I've

already got my daily over here I pulling

a motor out of this thing because we've

got some rotted freeze plug yeah I got

lazy when we stuck it in I knew I should

have put freeze plugs in it I didn't and

they're leaking so this is you know I've

already got pull one more I don't want

to have to do - let me see if I can save

this thing so we did we freed it up so

let me show you how I go about I've

saved dozens of them like this but first

you got to know if it's if it's a viable

candidate to be saved so I mean

obviously the first thing you know all

this they can check the oil so on this

engine here we've got a crankcase full

of oil there's no trace of water or

anything like they're all a little bit

but you know just kind of see but for

the most part it's nice oil so I knew

right off the bat the motor was the

water wasn't filled with water I don't

have to worry about everything main

rusted together on the bottom and then

of course if you're got to be serious

about this pull the heads because if

you're gonna pull the motor and you got

to take it apart to rebuild it anyway

you're gonna have to pull the heads

anyway so

you pull them off now you'll know

whether or not you've got a viable

candidate here if you pop the heads and

you see scaly rust on the solder walls

or you see a lot of uh you know

oxidation on the pistons you know stop

now because you're not going to be able

to save this thing but in our case what

we found was some white surface rust on

a couple of cylinders and just general

for munch right

so how do you go about saving this then

what do you do what steps do you take to

save it so the first thing I do is soak

it down with penetrating fluid on this

case in this case I used PB Blaster

probably doused it with a cannabis over

the last two or three days I come by

every day and just give each cylinder a

squirt with PB and let it sit so then

the next step is critical okay you want

to you want to shock the motor loose and

I'm for that

I like to use a length of black iron

pipe um you can't really use wood wood

won't transfer the shock from the hammer

the hammer blow to the piston and jar

the rings loose you don't want to use


you want to use shocking short sharp

blows and you want to go to each

cylinder and alternate from side to side

so basically you go in something like

this right and they use pipe don't use

it pinch bar or anything because that'll

stress the center of the piston used

pipe put the pipe flush against the

piston like that and give it a couple of

good hard walls like this then come to

the other side did it sit thing

and alternate between your cylinders

well you can't get well you can't get

that up you know the piping just give

the soldier a nice just a nice shot like

that work your way back and forth take

your time

force will only break rings but doing it

this way just shocking it back and forth

will loosen whatever is stuck so here's

the critical part right as you going

back and forth you'll eventually start

to see witness marks change so on this

engine I was looking at this cylinder

right here and I saw after I after I

made probably six or seven runs through

the engine hitting it with pipe I

started to see a space over here which

means that I had worked it free the

motor is no longer stuck how do you take

a breaker bar right here breaker bar now

you take a breaker bar put it on the

crank and all you do now is just work

the motor back and forth just force it

one way and then force it the other way

slowly all right don't push any harder

than necessary just to take up the play

right and well I'm not I've already

freed this engine up so it's going a lot

easier than you know it starts out but

basically all you want to do is keep

going back and forth until you find the

engine wants to stop when the engine

wants to stop give it just a little push

and then come back the other way and go

to where she wants to stop give the

motor a little push and come back and

forth and before you know it this thing

will be rotating nice and free which is

we're at with this engine so looking

things over I'm fairly confident this

thing is going to live you know one

other thing - what are you doing this as

you're rocking the loader back and forth

pay attention to the movement of each

piston because if you've got a bid

bearing in there you know because

sometimes you'll free these things up

they originally seized because they had

they spun a bearing or or you know

something along those lines problem in

the bottom

so when you're rocking the motor back

and forth paying attention to the

movement to the subtle movements of each

piston make sure that as you're going

back and forth there's no play this this

even movement across the engine and you

don't hear any clunking sounds very

important so like I said this thing I'm

fairly confident we're gonna be alright

you're gonna have to clean it up some

I'm gonna pull this the spider off

because we had a mouse get in here and

build a nest so there's gonna be a lot

of little crud you know here and there

but other than that you know it's a good

motor so that's it I hope you got

something out of that I see you tomorrow