How To Reprogram My Thermostat Emerson Series 80

hey what's up everybody has going today

I'm gonna be showing you how to do some

things on this Emerson thermostat a

couple of things that I'm gonna cover is

how to change the batteries how to set

turn on the lock feature and how to turn

it on and turn it off so that you're not

locked out of your thermostat and also

I'm show you a problem I was having with

the temperatures maximums and minimums

and how to set those in the in the true

menu the kind of the hidden menu that

you can't access just by hitting the

menu so there's just a couple of things

that I'm gonna be going over today so

the first thing I'm going to do is I'm

gonna show you about the lock feature

okay so if you have this little lock up

here and on your screen and maybe you

don't know how to get it off or or

what's going on but your thermostats

locked so you see it blinking no matter

what I'm pressing here I'm not I'm not

changing anything I'm not doing anything

and so my thermostat actually is not

letting me access anything because it is

locked right now so super easy

all you do is hold the Menu button in

the up button and you'll see that lock

disappear you hold those at the same

time and now that lock is gone and so

when I press the fan button it changes

if I push the system button it's

changing okay and so now I've got my

lock feature disabled the other thing is

this is the emerson 800 series and so it

is battery-powered

it's a it's a program it's not a

programmable stat in the sense that I

can set it for Monday Tuesday Wednesday

to come on a certain temperature but it

does have some programmable features and

so we'll get into that in a second but

first I want to show you how to do the

battery so a lot of thermostats have

little cubby holes somewhere or slits on

the bottom that little panels that pop

off and you know you need the batteries

this thermostat you actually have to

remove the entire thermostat because the

batteries are on the back side of it so

what you do is you just want to grab it

on the top and on the on the bottom and

you just want to pull straight towards


it just popped off see that and so

basically you're just unplugging it from

its circuits here

and you can see the batteries or right

there on the back so it's two doublea's

again this is the emerson 800 series

thermostat non programmable thermostat

okay so well what's cool about this

thermostat is they actually give you a

little a little level to align your

thermostat here but anyway so to put it

back on it's actually a little off a

little bit here I didn't put this

thermostat in but but anyway so you put

it back on you just want to line up

those holes you can see let's see if you

can see this but it's kind of got some

plugs and all the plugs go in their

corresponding holes there on the side

and so you kind of feel it when he gets

right click it back in okay and now your

thermostat is all if you're changing

your batteries your thermostats ready

rock and roll again you're good to go

umm alright so let's get into a little

bit about the menu features and stuff so

it's unlocked right now again to lock

and unlock as you hold the menu in the

up button but if I push this menu button

the first thing is this is a Fahrenheit

and Celsius I mean you don't really need

that this is your room temperature

calibrations I can actually change the

temperature in the room if that's wrong

it's miscalculating this is like your

lighting display you can have your light

on all the time this is kind of a cool

feature it's the auto feature um and so

if you go to that it's not reformed your

menu if you do that and you push the UP

button you see I just turned on one

basically all that does is it gives you

an auto option so if you get to that

through your system button and if you

left it on auto when it gets too hot the

a/c is gonna kick go on if it gets too

cold the heats gonna kick on and so

that's just kind of a cool little

feature you can use if that's something

that you are interested in I'm just

trying to kind of explain some things

here and then the last one that's your

lock it lockout feature and that's

okay so you're at the end of your menu

but this is the problem I'm having so if

I go to cool it's on 72 right now it

says that I'm at my limit

I can't adjust the temperature anymore I

give a a see you can only go down to 72

which isn't true this thermostat

actually can go between 45 and 99

degrees so it's saying that can only go

down to 72 is just some kind of feature

that's actually it's a it's like a

maximum temperature or you know minimum

temperature feature that you can lock

out so people can't put it down too low

so we're gonna fix that also if we go to

our heat 65 is as hot as it can get in

the room before it cuts off and so I

know a lot of people like it around 70

and so we're gonna fix all that all

right so go to your back to your menu

button but don't push it and release it

you want to push it and hold it down

okay and you just hold that menu button

until it's gonna make you think that

nothing's happening okay all right so

we're actually in a hidden menu now now

all this stuff you don't want to start

changing these things around unless

you're a certified AC technician but you

want to scroll through to the seventh

page okay so now it says heat here left

hand side and 65 so 65 is where it's

limiting us to stop the heat okay if you

take go to your arrow key can you hit up

you can see how that rises now you can

actually go all the way up like I said

$2.99 or all the way down to 45 but why

you would want to go turn your heat down

to 45 I don't know but if you if you

look here now it's the limit is going to

be 70 and so it's actually gonna let us

come up from that 65 now all the way to

70 and so we're gonna push the menu

button again and then you're gonna see

cool okay so now it's saying that our

our minimum temperature that we can cool

to is 72 so we're actually gonna push

down and you can see now it's dropping

we're gonna go all

down to 68 so that our minimum

temperature is 68 and like I said you

can go all the way down to 45 obviously

your AC isn't gonna pull it down to 45

but that is an option and then when

you're done with that you just push exit

and now let's go to our cool and see

what we're at so we're at 72 Miz limited

as out before now it's working where we

can actually go all the way down to 68

and now it's gonna say limit so again if

you wanted to go down to 65 you could

set it to where it could go down to 65

I wouldn't recommend lower than 68 you

don't want to start messing with your AC

system and making it run too long and

all those things but those are those are

just some things let's go to the heat

now now you can see that the heat will

go actually all the way up to 70 and so

before that and so that before that heat

kicks off and so again you just hold

that menu button it might seem like

nothing's happening but it will

eventually come on it's just a hidden

feature and you want to go to the

seventh page the seventh page is the

heat okay and see it's set to 70 and

then the cool the limit is set to 68 and

like I said you can actually go further

than that if you if you wish but I hope

this video was helpful for me it was

difficult trying to figure some of these

things out and so I thought I'd make a

video to help some people out I know

most of my videos have been automotive

videos up to this point but we're just

trying to do some some other things and

I'll keep those automotive videos coming

as well but I hope this video is helpful

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