Locked thermostat? No problem 😁

you see me now all right so I'm at a

house doing an inspection and the

problem is this little guy right here is

locked let's show you how I fix it

just staying right here locked what

you're supposed to do is hit these two

at once it'll flash for a bit and then

BAM code that's a code goodbye now

let's just go yeah mmhmm yeah yeah no I

mean no I need to fix this grab it rip

it off the wall just be careful just

look out right here I'm gonna push this

button watch what happens

push it and hold it yeah let's count to

five six yeah that's good enough no more

lock to the fixed it some people say you

got to take batteries out and push this

one right here that's not it even though

there is a reset that's not what we need

well go ahead line up your pins get a

nice little love tap and now BAM

and we can adjust anything we want

that's all if it works less you're

something like this

congratulations you now know how to

reset that see you later