Emerson Thermostat 1F95 Service Champions

life can be complicated sometimes but

not everything has to be that way a

programmable thermostat can help

simplify your life and save you money by

lowering your energy consumption with a

programmable thermostat you have the

flexibility to keep your home

comfortable and efficient based on your

own personal schedule hi I'm Erin with

service champions today we're going to

be going over the Emerson touchscreen

one f95 thermostat I will cover how to

operate the thermostat from heating and

cooling how to use the fan function

program the thermostat the time and

change the batteries if at any point

during this video you would like to

advance to a different section or replay

a different section click on the

corresponding tab above first we're

going to cover how to operate the system

to get the light to come on simply press

on the lower portion of the screen and

it illuminate in a brighter color to

your left you have system by touching it

each time you press it it will rotate

from heat to cool back to off simply

press it to what you would desire in

this case heat in the middle of the

screen is your actual room temperature

on the right side in the top corner is

your setpoint temperature the

temperature you desire the room to be

simply press the up and down arrows to

set the thermostat at your desired


if you'd like to move over to cool press

it until it says cool still the room

temperature and your setpoint

temperature on the right pressing the up

or down arrows to adjust the temperature

next we'll go over how to operate the

fan lower left corner it says fan

it's normally set to the auto position

Auto allows your system fan to come on

and off with a call for heating or

cooling if you would like continuous fan

you can press the button so that it says

on that will allow your fan to run

continuously and still operate heating

and cooling as desired most of the time

people leave it in the auto position

next we'll cover how to program your

thermostat simply touch the menu button

on the right lower side of the

thermostat then in the same box hit set

schedule it always starts on Monday and

morning for time periods a day so you

can set your time on the left side it's

in cool mode right now you can set your

cooling setpoint press it to heat set

your heating setpoint

and then press that schedule it will

move to the day time period you can

select your time and again your

temperature in the heating mode your

temperature in the cooling mode press

that schedule again it'll go to the day

press it again to evening again tonight

once you've completed the day the way

you want it scheduled you can copy that

whole day hit advance you can copy it to

every day if they're blinking or you can

hit advance day again and pick a single

day to copy to and hit copy so you don't

have to completely go through every time

period for every day you can just copy

from one day to the next hit copy again

you can either copy it to all days or

press it twice to the very next day and

hit copy once you're satisfied with the

programming of your thermostat simply

hit run on the right hand side next

we'll cover how to change the time on

the thermostat hit the menu button hit

set time on the left hand corner you can

change the time of the hours first it'll

change automatically from a.m. to p.m.

as you go hit set time again you can

adjust the minutes of the day hit set

time again you can pick the year

the month and the day the date it is

today which will automatically on the

top populate the day of the week once

you've done that you can hit run

schedule and the thermostat will come

back on like normal next we'll go over

how to change the batteries in the

thermostat grab the thermostat solidly

in your hand and pull away from the wall

the backplate stays and the thermostat

is in your hand around the back there

are two double-a batteries simply remove

the batteries replace them with new snap

into place

take the thermostat line that line it up

squarely on the back plate and clip in

place I hope I was able to help you with

your programmable thermostat if by

chance your question wasn't answered

please feel free to call us at the

number listed on the screen our

certified specialists at serviced

champions are always here to help you