Programming an EMERSON 1F80 Thermostat

In this section we’ll discuss basic operating

features such as setting the fan, choosing a

system setting, manual operation and

overriding the program feature.

Once again, we will use the 1F800471 single

stage thermostat in our example.

The 1F860471 is basically the same;

differences on the 1F850422 universal model

are covered on a later module.

To choose a fan setting, press the fan button

to select auto or on; most people use the

auto setting that runs the fan only when the

heating or cooling system is on.

You can also use the on setting to run the

fan continuously for increased circulation.

To choose a system setting, press the

system button and select your option.

Choices include cool, which controls the

cooling system, off which shuts down all

systems, heat which controls the heating

system and auto which switches automatically

between the heating and cooling systems as needed.

Most people use auto in areas where temperature

very enough to need both systems in one day.

When using this feature, be sure to set

the cooling system temperature at least 1 degree

higher than the heating system temperature.

In some cases the home owner and or the

equipment maybe better suited to

manually change from heat to cool.

In this case do not use the auto change over option.

To manually operate the thermostat,

simply press the system button to select

heat or cool and use the up or down arrows

to adjust the temperature.

After setting the temperatures you want,

you can push the system button and select

auto to let the thermostat automatically

switch between heat and cool.

To override the programs and manually

operate the thermostat, press the up or

down arrow to find the temperature you like

and press the hold button.

This feature bypasses the program and holds

the temperature they you set until you manually

change it or press the run schedule

button to resume the program.

You can also temporarily override the program

by pressing the up or down arrows

to adjust the temperature.

This bypasses the program temperature until

the next program time. When using the temporary

hold in the auto mode, press the up or down

arrows simultaneously to switch between the

heating and cooling systems and adjust

the temperature as needed.

To cancel a temporary setting

press the run schedule button.