Keypad lock

for action unlock the key pad menu

installer configuration the code in this

room 0:04 and press the UP button it is

unlocked next to adjust the schedule we

hit menu set schedule adjust the

temperature per day and what time it

starts hit set schedule again for the

second setting the same day when you're

done just adjust the temperature when

you're done advance to the next day and

repeat the same thing set schedule

changes the two times per day advance

day all the way through the week when

your dawn run schedule and you're done

with that to lock the keypad we hit menu

hold down the installer configuration

button push the down key until the

lockout is on the keypad push the up oh

I screwed the whole thing up turn it on

and then push the up enter the passcode

push the up and it's locking out you

have 10 seconds to make any more changes

and that stops blinking you're done