How to Unlock DVD Region Code to Play Any Foreign DVDs


now it's easy to order dvds from foreign


via ebay for example however when you

insert a foreign dvd to the disk drive

you will get errors the reason is that

dvds have region codes

the dvd world is divided into six major

geographical regions with which dvds are


a dvd from one region can be played on a

dvd player with the same region

otherwise you need to reset the region

of your drive


one power on the dvd player two

open the dvd tray and don't insert a dvd

three push setup on the remote select


region 4. select region 0

9 using the up and down button

however once you have set the region in

dvd player 5 times

it will be locked to the left set region

forever but you can remove the dvd

region code permanently


download the software and insert your

dvd to the drive

click the disk button and select your

dvd it will automatically ignore the dvd



then select an output profile from the

window there are options to rip dvd to


android youtube and many more generally

you can rip dvd to mp4


back to the main interface select a

folder to save the output file

you can check the safe mode to avoid any

ripping error


then just click the big run button to


that's it a few minutes later you will

get a region free video file


check the output video file it's almost

the same quality as the original dvd but

it's region free


now you can use the video freely

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