How to reset Nintendo DSi parental control passwords

what I'm going to do here is um try to

make a quick simple video on how to

reset a parenting password on your your

D sis or DSi excels and they do believe

it works on me as well it's quite simple

if you follow the steps that I'm going

to show you all right you have your DSi

on go to system settings and scroll over

to parent will controls I'll say you

wanted to change on them or reformat

your system and you're going to be asked

for a four digit password or um four

digit key which of course you don't know

what it is you click I forgot at once

and then I forgot a second time you know

what's going to come up as an enquiry

number now you're going to take that

number and go to this website right

there which I'll put a link to that but

you're going to enter that employee

number as well first you have to make

sure your current date is in your tip

then third date and your timezone is the

same as the date on your DSi or you're

not going to get it to work so I need to

change that to the 18th which is the

same as the DSi now I can go ahead and

enter that that number which is zero

eight four five seven six six three

and now you click get reset code now

you'll see there your unlock code now

you take this number right here and go

back to your DSi click OK now it's going

to ask you for that number which is

everyone will be unique 9 5 8 T and I

get piece of crap 9 5 8 2 1 10 okay now

it'll ask you if you select the settings

you want to head it in change settings

or clear settings click color settings

click yes now you're free to do with

what you want you can change them you

can go to format system memory and

format and it allows you to format your

system pretty simple if you use them

simple steps