Motorola Droid Razr XT912 Verizon: HARD RESET PASSWORD REMOVAL how-to

hi everyone and welcome to reset pedia

today I am going to be showing you how

to do a hard reset on your Motorola

Droid Razr and this is the Droid Razr

the original not the max the regular

razor as you can see by the back there

so as you can see I intentionally put a

pattern lock on there there's very

common problem among many people that

they forget to a pattern lock the

password or whatever the phone freezes

up a lot and they want to just want to

do a hard reset software restore but

bring back everything back to factory

settings this is how you would do it

first of all we must turn off the device

so I'll hold down the power button turn

it off because if it this doesn't have a

removable battery okay so the next thing

after we power down is want to press and

hold the value button press it right in

the middle so you're going to be

pressing it right in the middle there

and then we're going to press and hold

the power button and we're going to let

go once we see that menu there okay so

then we're going to scroll down with the

volume button to recovery by pressing

volume down and then once is that cover

e we're going to press volume up

there were way

and then once we see the once we see the

Android with the open test we're going

to press the volume button right in the

middle and then a blue screen will pop

up okay you guys see that blue screen so

the one that we want is wipe

data/factory reset' me focus so you guys

can see that better you're not right

there I'm going to scroll down with the

volume down button and that right there

it's the third one down and I want to

select it with the power button and then

the next screen is confirmation screen

we just scroll down to yes delete all

user data and then we want to confirm

with the power button that is going to

start the process just wait patiently


okay it's complete and then the blue

screen will pop up again the first one

is a selected for you this reboot system

now that is the one that we want and

we're going to hit the power button

again and it's going to reboot the

system with a fresh factory restored

Motorola Droid Razr so that is how you

do it

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