How To Unlock Android From Password/Passcode Tutorial!


what's up everyone this is Jared tacking

to you we have a super simple tutorial

on how to unlock any android device so

whether you have the passcode password

or face recognition it's gonna work for

them all this is a super simple tutorial

so let's get started the first step is

gonna be to power down your device I'm

just gonna click restart right here then

you're going to hold down these key

buttons it's gonna be the volume up the

power button and the big speed button

you want to keep on holding these

buttons until you see the android logo

sometimes your fingers could slip and

it's not gonna recognize it so right

here there's a little error message so

just want to try again holding down

those three buttons all the phones are

pretty different but for the Galaxy Note

8 it's gonna be those three buttons if

for the older generation models of

androids even the galaxy older

generations it's just gonna be the

volume up on and the power button so you

might have to mess around with the

buttons a little bit in order to get to

your settings but once you have it

correctly it should look something like


now this is gonna lead you to your main

menu and you the way you do it it's not

touch so you can have to scroll up and

down using the volume up and down rocker

then if you want to select something you

want to use the power button then you

want to click wipe data and then yes

it's gonna take a few seconds and it's

gonna bring it back to the home menu and

then you're just gonna want to click on

reboot then from here what its gonna do

is it's gonna affect your reset your

whole device your phone as if you're

taking it out of the box for the first

time so it's gonna lead you to a whole

new set up process picking up to the

Wi-Fi connecting your accounts and all

that but at the same time it's gonna

remove your passcode and that way you'll

have access to everything on the phone

again and you'd be able to use it to its

full capabilities if you guys didn't

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