HOW TO OPEN WARDED TYPES LOCKS without picking ( some cases)

I sent this is another tutorial for

locksmiths of how to access last door

with the missing key and this kind of

Lux is what we call the word good luck

or a libertine block which incorporates

a labor place to drop on this what is

this here alright so before sticking

this kind blood there is one way in

which we call it the sheer sheer chance

or sheer luck to find out and to easily

open this kind of block without fitting

because speaking it is possible however

the tool is quite fresh feature for this

kind gossipy and the leopard inside has

a very long I mean it has it has to be

raised higher and then just an ordinary

pick tool but just an alternative for so

the first option

value to people whispers take your time

to see if there is a window in this kind

block and then manipulate that and you

can rate it and possibly you can open

store notice now so what I should do is

take a disco here now I would like to

leave this green okay right that's


and now from this middle here you know

where this round tea is interesting okay

I will mark that okay

after marking de then I will try to mark

going upward at least one inch from the

center of this key role here and then I

marked my boiling point on that side

which I presume if there is a window on

this side and this kind of luck then I

can manipulate and open this right so I

will try to final it really because

there is some you would I'd need to use

an elaborate this this is public till

why not

however in some situations I don't have

the dream so adaptable it

you up to the subject of the left

this is the proper distance of the

windows take the risk then I will try to

see if there's a window which I think

this yes this is the one your car now I

can manipulate that ok I will let you

see the window which I am trying to

emphasize this is the hole now which I

made you see this is the window which is

open on the surface of the lock which

when I raise it up I will free the ball

shall see that you see the paper see

that that is the lever plate of this

flap which hold the ball from extracting

so that is the one I will manipulate I

raise it up and then I will extract the

ball ok now in order to extract the ball

reaching the guard later here and I have

to use the tension wrench this kind of

tension which is this is Porter this is

for the lips

left-hand door and this is for the right

hand oh so there are two types of this

kind of tension which I made and this

kind of door is a left hand so I'll use

the intention tools and this is how it

is done

I'll put the tensions meet potential

goes here I will I will try to touch the

ball it shall right so that is the board

you see doesn't ran now what while I'm

giving pressure to the tension range

then I will raise up the I will raise up

this labor here and by the way this is

close up that is close alright so here

it is I'll I'll stage it attention on

this wrench and I will it up this window

here you see the flick the board has

been extracted so now it is open so

therefore so whenever this kind of door

you have problem with with Loski opening

it before deciding to pick it try to use

this method from this again I will

repeat from this center of the shop of

the speed market death and race it to

one inch and luckily you will find a

window of all those sliver tumblers

there raise it up and then you can


both by attention range by applying

pressure to the bar both while lifting

up the liver of a French so that's the

easiest method without picking the

so open okay thanks for today

and good day