Give your door a double lock

today I standing here I want to show you

that your your walk is now saying before

I already family for every day usually

we you will lock your door just use your

one lock right but usually that is not


how much me I will show you you show you

the lock look usually your families lock

it it looks like this this is like no

lock if you want to you sure a family

lock is safe please do this you have to

use this square lock to you say isn't

why I say face I will show you if you

only love one love that is not safety

because I can open it now I will show

you this look actually I'm already all

righty or running lock it you can't open

it but if I just used one card I can

open it now I will show you show you it

these are very usually at normal cars I

use this car to omit the look at it you

just put your car inside and

just move it and slide it and uh be

patient okay you got it just obey that's

that is very easy so if you want to to

make sure your family is safe please use

this lock in our life this mistake they

spot give you very easy to make in some


I remember when you leave your home we

lock your door

please lock to double to double lock

what's the first is they under law the

second is the the unlock you have to

lock double