Hard Reset DOPO 7" Tablet Double Power // how to remove Pattern, PIN, Password // forgot password

okay so this is her reset for these dope

Oh a tablet double power tablet okay are

you going to use the home button and

power key to reset this tablet and the

purpose is to remove any password

pattern or pin blocking the screen of

the tablet and it is important that you

know your Google account and if you have

any external memory card and store

inside on the tablet you can go here

tell removed because everything's gonna

be delete okay so like I said you need

to know your Google account associated

with this tablet because after the

factory reset you have to verify Google

in order to proceed and get to the home

screen so if you're not able to verify

Google your tablet might get blocked

permanently so just be careful with that

okay so you have a password Panama pin

let's go in with the tablet power off

and at least 25% of battery we want to

hold the ball the home button and then

press the power key okay and as soon as

a tablet vibrates and or a logo appears

just release immediately the power key

and then continue holding until we wanna

get a recovery menu with some blue

letters on the screen and then release

the home button okay ready

home and power

I'm gonna take us home seven seconds

okay so just wait right there

release power key continue holding home

button okay there you go

once the Talib links I mean the screen

blinks then immediately actors their

recovery menu all right so now using

home button let's go and highlight wipe

data/factory reset' okay once I selected

just press the power key there's going

to be our enter okay let's do better

is the reflection of the light

doesn't leave me okay so now once not a

wipe data/factory reset' just press the

power key and a second option ie the yes

little user data is not the first place

just press the home button to navigate

insulate yes okay right so just once you

have to delete all user data press the

power key

you've already went through that

everything is gonna be the lead on the

phones in tablet internal memory and

it's important you know you Google

account so just press the power key and

he is gonna take a few seconds I mean

until you're gonna see the reboot system

now and then press the power key okay

and here is when it's gonna take are you

five to eight minutes for a tablet to

completely reboot and get take us to the

home screen so we will be able to track

state language and okay so

and just in case that your tabular case

tack on the gold logo or top ho goo logo

that means something is wrong with the

tablet with the motherboard such as a

long press the power key is on 20

seconds at the most

once the skin goes off just start over

again with the same process to do the

mother have reset okay you can do a hard

reset up to seven to eight times if

possible until to calibrate the

motherboard because sometimes so many

download application like music or games

and a lot of web history and we fail to

devote the phone the tablet that's when

the motherboard doesn't work properly

such as and two horizontal calibrated in

case that the problem continue open the

recovery menu with the external keys and

now you can select the wipe catch a

partition and after that you can go

select again the wipe data/factory

reset' see that helps another option is

to connect a tablet on your computer

with a USB cable and when the phone a

tablet charging appears and just if

there is any driver that you need to

download on your computer just go ahead

and do so and also and then then you

have and then start with the hard reset

okay with the tablet connect to the

computer and now that also helps with

probably need to get in case that your

toilet here first so just a few tips

hopefully this is going to help you to

fix your phone so a tablet so this is

going to take a few for a minute so just

be patient like I said it'll take longer

than a minute then that's when you have


or start over again with the hard reset

on this dope Oh double power tablet okay

so let's just wait here

- and with the initial setup screen okay

so we finally got to the initial setup

screen so just go ahead and select your

language encourage in this case you're

gonna stay on English United States and

then continue by pressing the play

button okay so now if you have any Wi-Fi

account just go ahead and register one

or just skip this step anyways location

I recommend you to stay just leave the

check box on so you can take advantage

of every Google product and location

okay so just press the play button to

continue and now I'm gonna select the

time zone so just any time zone you're

obliged to use leave that one on and

then current date so to switch munches

slight ease and the ear and once you are

ready just hit the done button time you

can set your time right now and also the

same like the man just lied the month

and lighted a and then I mean the time

I'm so sorry at the time minutes and

then it is AM or PM and hit a time

button and once you touch the play

veneers continue Google services agree

with the tablet once you press

they continue automatically store or

sale okay so now you can actually set

your favorites favorite apps okay so

these how to hard reset this tablet

let's go in find settings I'm going to

show you how to create a lock screen for

your tablet by going to settings and

then go and find security