Unlock a Door with a Toothpick (Handy Dandy)

good day welcome to another handy dandy

episode today we're gonna look at how to

unlock out the work using just a

toothpick that's right a toothpick or

something similar of that size follow me

sometimes you may have locked herself

out of the bathroom which is not good

for example that's a an unlocked door

so you locked it from the inside like

that now it's locked

and you didn't notice your leaving the

bathroom and close the door now that's a

log door what do we do take toothpick

insert it into the keyhole it's not a

keyhole technically it's just just a

hole in the it's a safety mechanism so

you can get back inside so just a sec

you press and then open

and that's it you have to keep in mind

that it's still locked on the inside so

make sure to unlock it there we go

well I hope you have learned something


thank you for watching another handy

dandy video over and out from the

bathroom good day