Open a Lock with a Paper Clip


I recently showed you how to use lock

picks to open a padlock you need to use

the pick and a tension tool to apply

torsion to the barrel you can check out

my other video for a detailed

explanation but today you were gonna see

if we can open a lock using paper clips

the idea is to recreate these tools

using paper clips then try picking the

lock I start by removing the bends to

make it a straight piece of wire then I

bend it in half


and use some pliers to squeeze it

together next I bend the end over and to

give it some extra strength I twisted

the wires together all the way down the

handle so it looks like this if we

compare it to the original tension tool

you can see it looks pretty similar next

thing is to try making the pick I took

another paperclip undid one of the bends

then used some pliers to shape the wire

like this and if we compare this to the

original pick you can see just how

similar it is so it's now time to try

picking the lock with our new paperclip

tools I'm gonna try testing them out on

this transparent lock which are used in

the last video so we can see exactly

what's going on

I put the tension tool in the bottom of

the lock here and applied a little bit

of pressure with my fingers then I take

the pick insert it into the barrel and

manipulate each pin so the top pin is

above the shear line

when they're all at the right point I

can remove the Peck twist the barrel

with the tensioner and open the lock

pretty cool huh so yes you really can

open a padlock with a paperclip and I'll

try it again

I guess if you only had one paperclip

you could cut it in half and try to make

both tools out of one it is a bit fiddly

and it takes some practice but it really

does work and its really satisfying when

you do open it using a transparent lock

is great for practicing but of course

the real test is trying it out on a

proper padlock this one is firmly locked


I insert the tension tool and start to

pick the lock


it does take a little bit longer but

finally I get it right and the lock pops

open I hope you've enjoyed watching this

video if you want to see more cool

tricks and experiments you can click on

the links or take a look at my youtube

channel page stay safe have fun and as

always thanks for watching