How to pick open a lock with paper clip - life hack

what's going on guys I'm bill and

welcome to Bill's how-to today I'm going

to show you guys how to pick a lock

using a paper clip let's do this so what

we've got here is a standard padlock

seven pin padlock the only difference is

obviously this one here is clear so this

one here is a good padlock to be able to

see exactly what's going on inside to

help you develop your skills so you can

get days online they're pretty cheap

only a few dollars online so the aim of

the game is as a whole row of pins up on

top that you guys can see ok these pins

are all cut at different heights so what

that does is that locks that Barrel in

place and doesn't allow it to turn so

what you have to do is simply bump up

all these pins in line in order to be

able to turn that barrel so if we turn

this around you'll be able to see once

these focus so that a top little gold

section on the inside ok you can see

there that pin is the first pin in line

so what we're going to do is we're going

to use these paper clips so to standard

paper clips we're going to turn these

into two little tools so we can pick

this lock I've seen a lot of people do

some fancy things online turn them into

rakes and individual picks and things

like that so what I'm going to do I'm

not gonna do that just very very easy

okay all we're gonna do is simply bend

this one here down like that on a 45

degree angle and okay and I'll show you

guys what we do that in the second with

the other one we're just going to bend

it out straight all the way


or as straight as you can get it doesn't

have to be precise so Bend that out

straight once we've got a straight we're

gonna Bend the two to meet each other

and just fold that down so what you want

to do in this case is this loop up the

top you want to get it squashed as much

as possible so if you put a bit of

pressure on that it should fold down so

once you're done that's what it looks

like okay so it's pretty simple we

haven't done anything special or

difficult yet next thing you want to do

is you want to put that loop down the

bottom section of your padlock

okay just at the start so we only want

to get it in say about half a centimeter

five mils or so just enough to be able

to get it in there and get a bit of grip

so right there on the bottom position

that all right down the bottom like that

and then once you've done that you just

want to simply bend that across so get

that in position bend that all the way

across and now you've got your

tensioning tool so once you've got your

tension already all you do is slot it in

the bottom of the lock just like that so

you can see that's starting to actually

turn the lock a little bit there'll be a

little bit of play in there before we

actually pick it so what you want to do

is slot it in that bottom section using

your finger we're gonna hold it in place

and we're gonna keep tension on there

one of the biggest mistakes people make

is putting too much tension okay so we

don't want to actually force it we just

want to put enough to be able to turn it

so just a little bit of tension just

like that is enough to actually open up

that lock so the reason why I bend it on

a 45 degree angle is so that you can use

it as both a rake and as an individual

pin peak so what we do if we slot that

in from this side okay you can see

that's where we're aiming to hit those

little pins up on the top that's what we

do is we keep that up on the top section

slot it all the way through and as I

pull that up you can see that I'm

actually moving the pins out of the way

so what we need to do you can choose you

can either sit there and pick it

individual each pin as you go or you can

rake it so by raking it it means you

just slot your pin all the way through

and then you simply pull back on all the

pins that will give you the raking


moving all the pins as you go along so

now we'll get started so put the tension

it down at the bottom put a bit of

tension on there like we discussed

before once you've got your tensioner in

place then you can slot in your pick

okay and what we're going to do is we're

going to work these individually so now

that we've done that we're ready to get

started so put the tensioner down at the

bottom put a little bit of tension on

there and what we're going to use a peak

so you've got two options we can either

rake or we can individual picks I'll

show you guys both methods so

individually picking each pin as you go


the upside about the clear lock is that

you can actually see the pins so it

makes a huge difference when you're

learning how to pick


so once we feel that click now you have

to remember that your tensioner is

actually pretty weight because we're

using a paper clip now I felt that move

so if we have a look you can say there

it's on a bit of an angle now obviously

if I pull this out of the way paperclips

gonna start to bend okay we can actually

do it for argument's sake and that will

actually pop


now we'll do it once again with the

raking action tension on and then just

keep breaking it you just continue keep

raking those pins until you feel it give



once that's done bang nice and easy

if you find that the pins are actually

really stiff or you've been working at

it for a while what you do is just let

go of that tensioner that'll reset the

pins and the pins will all line up once

again and then you can start again what

after you put the tension back on so

I'll just show you guys what I mean by

resetting the pins so let's say for

argument's sake we've got the tension on

okay we've pushed all our pins up once

you put that tension on you'll find that

the pins actually stay in position so

that's the whole purpose of the tension

as you pop up the pins individually

they'll actually line up and I'll hold

in place so long as you have tension on

there they'll hold in place so let's say

for argument's sake I've been working at

this for a few minutes not getting

anywhere I can feel that the pins are a

bit solid in there they're not free so

what I do is I simply release the

tension and you can say those pins start

to drop back down into place so that's

the whole point so then we put the

tension back on and we can get straight

back into doing that so there you have

it causes an easy way to pick blocks

we're using paper clips no fancy or

expensive tools needed very very easy

hope you guys have enjoyed the video

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