the most important part of taking a lock

is the tension wrench the tension wrench

is like the left hand of the guitar and

the lock picks the right hand it's very

important to have the right kind of

tension wrench we figured out a way to

build one very easily and he's going to

show you all right so what you do could

you bend it this then out this again and

bend this back


and then get wire cutters put it next is

building a rake out of the paperclip the

problem was that with this is a

paperclip is a malleable soft piece of

metal so we have to solve that problem

in order to do this I'm lining up the

edge of the paper clip here with the

handle is to my first Bend down here it

should be up and the second Bend is down

there you have which otherwise known as

once otherwise known as a break and the

problem with that is is this is very

malleable and also this is flat so you

want to convert this into some sort of

hardened steel and the way you do that

is a process of metallurgy called work

hardening and we're going to do that

we're going to take a piece of steel if

you have an anvil that's great

our vise that's great but in this case

we have this wrench and we're going to

use a hammer and flatten this end out

which will make it hardened

you don't have to overkill you're just

trying to make it flat and the process

you you're hardening the metal because

of hardening good trick okay we've

picked it but we're backwards from so

where they're going to try to flip it

around real quick which is a tool that

will do this but I don't have one and

then we'll probably have to retake it

you ready

we're going to retake it

at this stage you want to be real

careful not to screw it up your your pic

blog times will hang on one of the

tumblers and there you go