Open A Locked Door With A Knife? Door Security 101

I just replaced the door on my workshop

and while I was working on it I posted a

picture of it on Instagram and I got a

comment asking me about security on a

door that swings out like this in

particular being able to open the door

from the outside with just a knife

exterior door locks like this are made

to stop that from happening

they have this pin that's right beside

the latch that when it's pressed in will

stop the latch from retracting I can

probably demonstrate this a little bit

better with these two that I have here

when the door is closed that pin will be

up against a strike plate as long as

everything is lined up correctly that is

if that pin goes inside the strike plate

hole it will defeat the operation the

other one that I have here is an example

of a passage lock like you'd find on a

bedroom or a closet inside your house

and these don't have or need one of

those security pins the lock that I have

on my shop is a cylindrical lock set but

mortise lock sets have the same thing

except the pin is usually right below

the latch when that pin is lined up and

working properly you won't be able to

pry open the latch with just a knife but

of course that doesn't stop somebody

that wants to break in from trying but

there is a piece of hardware that you

can install that will guard against that

latch guards like this bolt through the

door and some of them have pins that

will go into the frame itself and make

it very difficult to pry that apart

another thing about out swinging doors

like this is the widespread belief that

you can pull the pins out of the hinges

and then open the door that way and

while you can't get hinges that are very

difficult to take the pin out of from

the outside if your door fits correctly

in the opening even with the pins taken

out fully it will be very difficult to

remove the door without bending the

hinges as well the barrel of the hinge

will get in the way