How to Open a Door That’s Locked From the Inside

Guys, has this ever happened to you before? Somebody locks the door from the

other side and you can't seem to get it open. Sometimes, you know, the easiest

thing to do is just take the door off of the hinges. I want to show you how to do

that. A couple of simple tools you're going to need: a screwdriver or anything

really that's shaped like this and a hammer. And really you -- each door has

three hinges. What you want to do is put your screwdriver under there and you're just

taking the hinges out, okay. So you just pop it in under there, hammer it up.

You're just removing the hinges by hammering them up really, it's a really

simple process. And then once you have those hinges out you can kinda

just get it right off the track, you can unlock it okay and then you're all good

to go. Now when you're ready to put it back on just put it into place there

sometimes you got to grab it from down here. And the one you want to make sure

you get in place first is the one in the middle because that's going to hold

everything else once you're able to get that in. So put your thing in, let's see.

Get your hammer, okay. Line that up, okay and now it's hanging by itself so now you can just

take your time you know. Load these back in,

same thing over here and so that is how you take a door off its hinges

hope this helps guys, thank you.