yo what's going on everybody we're back

here with another how does lock a twist

lock doorknob video so you guys I don't

know a twist lock doorknob using a

sharpie so you see this thing this is

the way you need something that's shaped

and this sort of small retain your way

but you're also gonna need something

that's going to fit into the pool so

what I do is we're gonna take our

sharpie or just kind of time friendís

and well that didn't work if I wanted to

we're gonna bend this and I guess this

came off so we're going to do with this


alright so instead we're going to use

the bit from this pen just because it is

more sturdy and it's like a bandage

easily what's just plastic would when

you try to turn it it's a Chevy flimsy

alright so I thought I would clarify

something this is just that is using

this is a geometric example the actual

mechanism actually goes somewhere into

here so it doesn't need to actually be

the width of this it doesn't actually

need to go back of this and be able to

turn it it's just geometrically speaking

because the mechanism is actually a

square that you need to get something

I'll cut the edges so it will turn the


so as you guys can see we love this and

obviously we can't turn it

so we are going to use a French okay so

ignore the dryer noise but watch this

and watch the night replace you can see

that this obviously is turning but how

do you know it's in the right spot well

when you put it in it's either going to

slip or you're

and it should


not be able to move it won't be on

obviously over in the car

as you can see I can't turn it really so

it's obviously


so yes until we were able to unlock it

just like torn up with the end of a pen

or the clip of a pen and a wrench thank

you guys so much watching this did help

you don't forget to smash that like

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it just didn't work for you I have other

cereals on how to unlock to us like

doorknob you guys can go check those out

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and as always have a nice day he said