How to Open Privacy Lock

on today's video I'll be showing you how

to unlock your privacy lock in case you

accidentally lock it this happens often

when you have little kids they play with

the locks and then they close the door

and then you find yourself unable to get

access into your bathroom or your room

because the privacy lock is on here

we're going to lock it we're going to

close the door you can see here that the

lock is engaged and we are going able to

get into the bathroom now a lot of times

residents or tenants are unaware that

the installer will often put the privacy

key somewhere on the top ledge of the

actual frame of the door once you get

the key the key may look different it

depends on the specific model of

whatever privacy lock is purchased and

you can see here you just simply have to

put it in the proper position so here

it's in the lock position you can kind

of almost feel it so right now when I

put it in flat like this and I insert it

I could feel it work inside the groove

and once I twist it that will allow me

to open the door here it's still open

I'm going to take my key and put it up

straight horizontal

and I'm gonna lock it so now I don't

have access and now you can feel it

almost sliding to the groove and then

open it don't you finish using the

privacy lock once you open the door make

sure that you put it back where you

found it in case you need it for future

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