Can you lock keys inside a Dodge Journey? by Bill Klassen 416-298-7600 ext 223

have you ever seen these keys here these

keys with the remote sensors in it

they've got an ambient sensors and what

they're designed to do is be more

convenient for example you press this

button to lock the doors you can

actually well you can't do it on this

side but here we go on the driver side

it's designed to whoop see how that

handler works unlocks so you press it

locks and there unlocks just by me

putting my fingers right through this

handle here but do you ever wonder what

might happen if you forgot the keys in

the car because you don't need to put

them in the ignition there's no key the

key works like this button there put

your foot on the brake press the button

the engine starts turn it off you go in

the reverse order

now if the key is never in the ignition

but sometimes people do is they just

leave them there or leave the key

somewhere in the car they should be in

your pocket so when they get out of the

car let's just try this okay so I left

the key in the car on purpose cars

unlocked but on the way out pretending

that I forgot the keys inside I'm gonna

press the lock button their doors lock

now I'm gonna close the door potentially

locking the keys inside the car because

they weren't in my pocket and I didn't

take him out of the ignition I just want

to see what would happen

Carr will not let me do it it's

reminding me it's going beat beat beat

left the keys in the car so there you

have it Dodge Journey 2015 here at

Scarborough town dodge I don't believe

it lets you do that a few times you can

purposely lock the car

the keys inside you have to try to keep

time to gives you a warning shot

hopefully we listen to the warnings a

great day