what's up youtubers Robert get you to it

on a budget today video is basically how

easy is to break into a Dodge Charger

yes a Dodge Charger just started from

2010 and up okay you can see I got both

of my cheese right here placing those on

the car and I'm only making this video

to basically show y'all how easy it is

I'm gonna take my ride off so I'm going

to just do it just to show y'all but

this is all I'm gonna use to actually

break into the car

fitness up the tripod and just watch

alright guys get a Keys gonna lock the

door you're gonna do it right here


keys I'm put them directly on the floor

and I'm going to use this flat head


then a screwdriver that's all you need

look how easy that was to break into the

damn toaster super easy all it took was

a flathead screwdriver to actually break

it to the car

Dodge Chargers are nice cars but it's

just way too easy to break into from my

opinion I have friends that has earlier

models like 13 12 and it's the same lock

system so basically it's just a rod

right here where you lift up and it just

takes a flathead screwdriver it takes

like matter of minutes or seconds just

how fast I did mine and no way near I'm

a thief or a criminal I just seen a lot

of forms and I just thought I could just

share this information with y'all so

y'all can see how easy it is so y'all

can be ready or some happens I'm gonna

actually take my bride off so this would

never happen again so I'm not worried

about that that's why I went ahead and

did this video so I'm taking my rod

completely off if my and I'm gonna have

a little mechanism where if my car dies

I could still jump it from outside of

the car versus trying to pop my trunk in

all that so I'm not worried about having

a key or none of that so that's not a

big deal I just want to make this video

to informed every person who has a Dodge

Charger challenge there may be other

Mopar type cars that has the same

mechanism that just be careful guys

somebody can break in your car like that

I'm not saying they can steal your car

but they can take your valuables out of

it a lot of y'all price saying well they

could break it to your car by just

busting your window etc said it but

yes they can do that but break your

window is a lot of noise versus breaking

through the keyhole it's less noise and

you can easily stoop down the dark or

something it's just too simple guys too

simple it's kind of sad to me it's

mind-blowing that you could break into a

Dodge Charger that easy previous cars I

owned I had train horns hooked up to my

alarm system so basically if somebody

trying to hit my car break my car my

train horn goes off and the train horns

are really loud if you familiar with

train horns a lot of people probably

won't like this video because I'm

exposing Dodge Chargers and whatever car

that has that same type of mechanism but

it is what it is I would rather get the

information out there let people know

and guys y'all could do your research

like I did because I couldn't believe it

I researched it and researched it and

research there's a whole bunch of forms

out there where it shows how easy it is

to break into dodge charges it is what

it is your car's gonna get broken into

it's something that you can't control

they don't matter what you try to do

what you try to do but just don't keep

your personal stuff inside your car so

if they're breaking your car didn't

break into your car I hate to say it

like that but it is what it is cleaning

my car has been broken into I've been

carjacked at gunpoint numerous of times

it is what it is it's part of life you

just gotta adapt to it and just do stuff

better in the future hopefully this

video is I open it to some people with

my style charger older models and then

if your car has been broken your Dodge

Charger are any type of Mopar has been

broken into comment below

tell me how they broke into it was into

the keyhole or was it through the window

door whatever coming below to help other

people out because a lot of people don't

know this that - charges are easy to

break into and it's just something we

can just get out there and do

information about it so there's Robert

you - on a budget piece