How to unlock a 2017 Dodge Caravan

oh well this is riddle side guy the

customers pitbull she's happy I'm here

to unlock your vehicle well anyway this

is a 2017 Dodge Grand Caravan rolling so

it'll be a lot easier to unlock than


what we'll do is we'll come over here

type my tool up here down there we're

gonna use our professional that's for

this will go into the door also once you

have it into the door you want to leave

a gap at the top about that far you want

to turn your valve on your pump just

until it stops once it stopped you can

pump it up when you pump it up it'll

pump that door out just enough to get

your tool in you don't want to pump it

up any more than not because they don't

bend the door so once you have that in

you're gonna insert your reach tool you

can see this is what our reach tool

looks like you can get this on access

tools or a tool discounters i think i

buy them from tool discounted now once

you have your tool inside the vehicle

you have options of on this vehicle you

could hit the unlock button you see I

have the tool on the unlock button here

so you guys can see it probably better

here so once we're in there we can hit

that which will pop our lock up i'll

relock it if the vehicle is running you

can also roll down the window which is

here you can see the window would roll

down we'll roll that back up and then

the other way that you could unlock this

vehicle is you could put your tool

behind the inside door handle and you

could just pull it

like I've done there and you can see

that that unlocks it as well so that's

three different ways that you can unlock

a running vehicle if the vehicle was not

running you could just simply hit the

unlock button on this vehicle and it

would unlock if that for whatever reason

doesn't work like let's say maybe your

battery's dead

so hitting the unlock when your

battery's dead is obviously not going to

work so you would pull the door handle

and that would unlock the vehicle so

there you have it that is an unlock on a

2017 Dodge Caravan this is roadside guy

I hope this video helps you have a great