Dodge Caravan Security Hard Reset

all right guys so I got a Dodge Caravan

here it was tempted to get stolen what

happened was a the owner got in it found

out the column was ripped down

screwdriver marks around the ignition so

it he got in he started it it went for

five seconds then it shut down and

wouldn't give any crank whatsoever after

that starter relay was not clicking it

all so I was a little tired last night I

tried everything I tried disconnecting

the negative for like 20 minutes see if

the security had shut off on it because

the little red security light was

staying on on the dash and wouldn't

happened tried the key in the lock turn

it off turn it on like unlock it and

lock it from the key still didn't work

so I was like forget it I went to bed

called Dan met him here this morning we

went over everything with a test light

tested power going to the starter

nothing there just everything so I was

like well hang on a second here at the

only thing I didn't do last night was a

hard reset and that is removing both

cables positive and negative removing

both cables crossing them together that

reset your BCM put it apart put them

back on Van fired right up so if you're

having a security issue do a hard reset

and she should work for you they just

stopped he had to carry me I just

scrapped it but you know what a joke I

oh man I'm so pissed and it's his his

boss's man ill but we got her done um

yeah what a piss off he could have been

on the road today

no okay cheers guys