Quick and easy break into Mini Van. Locked out of Dodge Caravan

now folks if you are like me and get a

little crazy sometimes lock your keys in

the car my keys are in there inside that

coat to cut off with the car put that in

there and first lock my keys in the car

so obviously I'm not going to teach you

how to break into somebody else's car

hope you're honest about that and

normally take care of yourself here or

other people that need to help but the

simple method to get into your car if

you have something similar to this Dodge

Caravan that I've got all you're going

to need is a piece of string and a piece

of plastic like a cutting board I'm

going to choose to use a an old plastic

bottle I have here but what I'm going to

do is I'm going to cut out this piece of

plastic here mostly that's cameras is to

get angle so you can see that I'm just

going to cut out a piece of plastic here

using this a nice that I've got here

this blade and I'm going to cut this out

let's show you how to get in the car if

you find yourself in a similar situation

and you don't want to spend the money to

get a locksmith

come out or if you don't have somebody

that can help you out with getting the

key or spare key I'm going to cut a

little kind of a rounded edge on that so

it will feed in a little bit we're going

to use this plastic for you to get

between the door frame and the seal of

the car without ruining the seal on the

on the car itself

mahmud is I'm going to take this piece

of plastic here and kind of straighten

it out so it's a little

on something flimsy so it'll go between

there we're going to do is take this and

then and what I'm going to do is use

this little corner I'm just going to

poke a small hole in it and that hole is

just going to be big enough that I can

fit this piece of string through here

because I want to feed this string

through the through the car here so I'm

idea is I'm going to take this piece of

string I got and the rear left foot

through there's a piece of plastic here

and then what I'm going to do is I'm

going to tie a tie it into a slipknot of

course you want the slipknot to be a

sets where you pull on the longer end it

slides we're going to hopefully get this

Slipknot right over the top of that lock

inside the car so it is like that kind

of hold that so it's tight here my

gloves back on cold out here you can see

it's snowing so then I'm going to come

up here and I'm going to start here by

the way you wanted

take a little bit of patience by the

time figure out where you're supposed to


you can't put a wedge or piece of wood

in the top there to help get it to come

through but I'm trying to avoid doing

that so now you can see this I'm forced

to seal out a little bit that's fine by


I just assumed that a seal to push out

and have to take a chance of ripping

that seal we're trying to get that

string inside there with that loop that

I tied okay so there you go now you can

see I've got the plastic in and you can

see that strings hanging there what I'm

going to do is I'm going to bring that

down here and now I'm going to try to

hook that leap onto the doorknob if we

get it's worked for us looks like I'm on

the wrong side of that door sill dorsals

pushing it too far away for me to get

over there and hook it on so I'm going

to back this back up again and see if we

can't get on the inside that door seal

it's my turkey

okay so I'm going to take this string

now I'm just going to tighten this up so

that kind of hold that loop where I want

it and slide this down on top of the

door handle here slide that down you can

see that string I got to get that string

to come over the top of that door handle

there you can see that I'm going to give

it just a little bit of a hole here see

if we can't work this down on the top of

that I keep working the string and the

plastic down over the top of it there

and I got to do is pull on that string

you can see the string tightening up

over the door handle there because I

tied a slip knot it's going to get

tighter and tighter that's what we

wanted to do and now I can pull up on it

there we go we're in there you go so

hopefully that'll work out with you guys

sometime in the future but can simple

just a piece of string and a piece of

plastic and you can probably get into

most of the vehicles that can lock your


good luck