How to Unlock A Word Document for Editing


have you ever encountered such an

annoying thing

you need to edit a word document for

work or any other reason

but only to find the editing is

restricted and you are locked outside of

the door

but you really need to make some edits

so you try to enter the password

which is not easy to guess right of

course after failing too many times

you completely have no idea what to do


is there really no way out definitely


today in this video i will offer you

some remedies

want to check out what they are exactly

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method 1 renaming file extension


step one rename the extension from dot

dot x

to dot zip and click yes to confirm the


step two now open the zip file

with windows explorer step 3

click on the word folder and find the

file named

settings.xml and delete it from the list

after that change the file extension

back to

docx and you should now be able to edit

the word file

however there exists some limitations

for example this method is not

applicable to all versions of word

it works for my word 2019 but not for my

friends word

2016. method 2

saving the word document as rtf text

step 1 open your restricted word


click on file save as in the new save as


choose star dot rtf as the file type

step two close your original work

document and the new

star.rtf file then open the rtf file

with notepad

step 3 press ctrl plus

f at the same time find

password hash in the text and replace


no password step 4

save your operation and close the

notepad open the rtf file again

with your word program step 5

go to review restrict editing

stop protection uncheck all the boxes on

the right panel

done the editing restriction on your

word has been removed successfully now

but as you can see this method requires

too many steps

and a minor slip would give birth to a

total failure

now we have talked about two methods

renaming file extension

and saving the word document as rtf text

however it's disappointing that neither

of them is time saving or

easy to operate enough to solve our

problem but don't worry

there is still another method to get us

out of trouble effectively

at the top speed passport for word

since i have already downloaded it to

the computer next

i will show you how to use it directly


step 1 open password for word on your


and select the remove restrictions

step 2 import the restricted word file

into the program by clicking on the

select a file option

and browsing for the file step 3

now click on the remove button to allow

the program to begin removing the


in a few seconds all restrictions will

be removed

and the document will be editable

remove editing restrictions on word

document in just a few seconds

with a hundred percent success rate

password for word is undoubtedly a


if you want to have a try just click the

download link below

in the description for this video and in

just a blink of an eye

your problem will be solved well this is

all for today's video

i hope i've helped you and thanks very

much for watching

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about this video or

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