How to Lock and Unlock Microsoft word documents

Culebra today I'm going to show you how

to lock your ms word government and is

so easy and common most of us on video

that I am making a video for them who

don't know that so let's see the first

day of the club in office and opened the

word oh my life is over and then opened

a blank document

suppose this my document with my private



buildings are perfect private government

I want to lock it so it was there to

save this my computer and I want to

sleep in my desktop

it's my documents main and if you want

to lock it

we have to go into then the little

option it will require a password

generally it requires four times of her

so give a password


second time and you'll be okay because

record type in your support we have ten

and fourteen


like close it close it and tonight

private document if I want to open it it

will require my password into thing if

you enter a wrongful to look like you

don't open we have to do is to give you

right before what time and side of it


mythic this is so easy to perform