Microsoft SharePoint - How to Remove Permissions in a Hurry

hello its Matt and welcome to

collaboration coach and in this video

we're going to look at how to remove

permissions from files that you've

already shared this is a question I get

quite a bit and what's usually happened

is that somebody has shared something

that they should not and they quickly

need to remove those permissions when

you share you create a link that you can

then send to somebody and in that link

is included the permissions they have

I've got an example here this slide deck

if I go to the copy link button you can

see that there has been links created

for this file and so what I want to do

is see what links have been created the

quickest way to do that is go to the

share button go to the ellipsis here and

then choose manage access and that will

open the manage access window on the

right-hand side here now the other way

to do it is to select the file and then

go to the details pane and then choose

manage access from here this will take

you to exactly the same place now

there's two different types of access to

a file the links giving access and then

there's the direct access so direct

access is something that people in your

group have so if they're in the group

that is linked to the sharepoint site

then they have direct access you're not

sharing it with them and per se but when

you create links like these at the top

here under the links giving access

section these are links that you've

actually created in order to share the

file with somebody else so this is

called if you want to say copy the link

but if you want to remove it you come to

the ellipsis here and then you hit the

lose X here notice that you can check as

well what permissions were given in this

link so people will contour so which is

the organization with the link can edit

that means anybody in the organization

can edit before if you don't want them

to be able to do that you can choose the

X button and then it prompts you are you

sure you want to delete this link

because as soon as you do anyone who

used it to access your file is not going

to be able to do that anymore so if

you're happy with that you just hit

delete link and

link's now gone now if you just wanted

to remove all sharing of this file in a

hurry and you didn't want to have to go

through and figure out what links you

wanted to delete you didn't care you

just want it to stop all sharing you can

hit this stop sharing button at the top

that's linked here and when you press

that again it prompts you ask you are

you sure you want to do this and if

you're happy with that you hit stop

sharing and then that will remove all

the links giving access to that file

if it doesn't remove the link in the

links giving access section you can just

close the manage access page and you'll

notice that all sharing has stopped and

when you go back into it the link should

be gone

all right that's your quick tip on how

to remove missions in a hurry I hope it

helped and if it does please subscribe

and I'll see you next time