ipod touch out of recovery mode WITHOUT COMPUTER!!!!!

hello guys um today I'm going to show

you an easier way take your iPod Touch

out of your store mode this way is so

easy you do not even need a computer

but first let's put it into restore mode

what you would do for that is you would

turn the iPod Touch off regularly slide

to power off just turn it off and then

while holding down the home button plug

the iPod into the computer and as you

see the Apple logo comes up and then did

return the connect to itunes comes up as

you know I put I posted a video on how

to do that using the 1.1.2 jailbreak


well I found an even easier way you

don't even need a computer what you need

to do is hold down both those buttons

until it the screen goes black and then

when and then that comes back keep

holding the home button down for five

seconds three four five now let go of

everything and watch what happens

the only thing that's real up is it has

a low battery that's why I had to plug

in the first place

so that's something really useful no I

know because it helped me on many

occasions um especially with the um

clock issue I mean everybody was running

a clock long including me and I didn't

want that to lose my time and as you can

see there my clock is still running

strong really really long and strong so

yeah that's an easy way to do it um it's

a lot easier than my other video so

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